Friday, January 26, 2007

[Life] Car underwater;Stay alive? The Mythbusters way!

I'm a firm believer of thesis involving in Many-Worlds Interpretation. I've always believe in "We could have..." and "What if...". Therefore, I believe that this post will benefit me, and hopefully save many more lives for those who read it.

I'm always a Mythbuster fans ever since I came across it about a year ago. Read about it here. Ever imagine an SBS bus you're on, driving on the road, over that bridge only to find its way down to a longkang full of water? How do you survive?

The opening credits to Mythbusters

On the latest episode, they explored methods of escaping from a car, if it happen to find its way into the water. And shockingly, many results I've thought to work, actually don't!

And even more, they shown how important an emergency glass breaking hammer (locate nearly in every SBS bus) is during those emergency situations. Here's what I come up with...

1) Keep calm, save up oxygen. Saving those seconds could mean life and death.
2) Open up your car windows WIDE OPEN IMMEDIATELY before water level reaches your window.
2) Try to open the door before the water level reaches too high. It's hard if you didn't open your window.
3) If the door won't budge, break any glasses immediately(most effective using the hammer I mentioned). Any glass you broke, serve a purpose on your survival, the science way (to find out, watch Mythbusters then ^_^)
4) (Unclear)Last method of survival, if your car fills up water, is to wait for the pressure inside the car to equalize with the outside. That way you'll be able to open the door. (by then it might be too late)

Hopefully this post could be treated seriously. I know I am ^_^ But best of all, never drive your car into the water. Come on, cars arn't boats. (even though I hate the DuckTours ever since it was introduced :P)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

[Life]My brother-in-Law "TODAY"

I don't read newspaper, I prefer online news. I nearly missed it until my dad brought a page over and asked me to read it.

And there it was...

The champion of comfort food!

To think I hate my mum's cooking... lol...

Nevertheless, I'd like to congratulate my brother-in-law, whom appeared in this article on TODAY newspaper, 24th January 2007, pg 42.

Hope to try out your dishes someday in the future, something which I've never done so...