Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[Life] Be a man! Do the right thing!

Gratz to Thomas AKA Kefka whom is taking on the road to be a man this coming friday! BMTC's waiting for you dude!

On the other hand, I gotten slight problems in my camp and thus I'm going to be confined till 5 pm on 1st June. Aw... It's about...

*** ... Yes, for those of you who do not know, I'm refraining myself from talking about work (work refers to anything that's outside my personal life. That includes NS, probably outside work, selling drugs lol joking...) cause stress always build up. If I'm gonna talk about work, it'll end up a rant, like my BMT complain blog.

Right, one last thing to talk about today, money. I'm running out of cash, what should I do? Should I rob? Or just kill for money? Aw...

Lol, it's just an everyday rant.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

[Life] Lao sai Buey Pang Sai day

Sucks man. For those of you who have Haemorrhoids (Piles), you will understand me.

Considering I've posted a few days or a week ago regarding my Lao sai day, today I'm posting on my Buey Pang Sai day...

Gosh... It's not that my piles (shit) is too hard, it's because my piles (Haemorrhoids) is blocking my piles (shit) from coming out, and it's bad... Imagine I trying to PURGE!!!!!! it out, it's both PAINFUL and HURTING! Now I can REALLLY REALLLLLY REALLLLLLLLLLLL~~~~Y understand how our female counterparts deliver babies...

Oh god, I think if this goes on for one more of my duty in camp, I'm seriously looking for a doctor for a solution. I mean this can't go on, worse comes to worse I may have operation. God save me... Science save me!

And for those who don't know what's piles, READ IT UP MAN!


Understand the pain of those who had it and those who try to prevent/reduce the effect!

Taken from the website:
Haemorrhoids are very common, and will occur anyway, but, as implied above, useful aspects of prevention are:

Avoid becoming overweight, and lose weight if you are.
Eat a high fibre diet.
Exercise regularly.

Easier said than done -_-;;

Thursday, May 18, 2006

[Life] The purchases... very broke now!

Yay! Today's my cleanup day for my dear PC. It's my dearest ever since purchased like probably nearly 2 years ago, it had never been clean, interior, exterior. And today, I've decided to give it a "bath".

So I manage to take out everything, carefully brush those black gold dust away before assembling them back. It took me about 2 hours and alot of sweat.

I give it a boot up after assembled and... strangely, it auto shut down. Oh shit! I gave a serious thought of the possibilities.

1) My CPU over-heated, due to improper placement of my CPU fan
2) My motherboard spoiled after my brushing
3) My ram spoiled after my fondering
4) My hard disc spoiled after my harressment...

Argh! Uncertained, I called my real-life buddy aka The Com Pro! Sugo-Kawaii Lumiere-Chan <3 for help. After some trial and error, we discovered that the problem lies in my CPU fan. I took it out and gave a through look...

God bless me for my enormous strength.


That leaves me no choice but to travel all the way to Sim Lim Square to buy one new one. I decided not to touch on the stock and proceed to buy another one instead. Several brands were contributed by my camp mates and my buddy, but I proceed to buy this...

F***ing Ex!

Yea, I know it look strange, but I've been told that it's good for dispersing heat off the CPU, which most if not ALL the heat sink does. But blowing the air backwards sounds fresh to me. Thus I decide on it...

This cost as much as 30 packet of chicken rice!

Looking at the fact it blew backwards, and it blew air across, not out of the heat sink sounds fresh to me too.

This better works!

After fixing it up, I went to bios and check the temperature in comparison to my usual "stock" fans. Abracadabra! It's 5 degree celcius lower than usual! I mean, paid so much for 5 degree celcius reduction?! an improvement over the previous fan, makes me so silly and stupid that I teared with frustration joy! Holy shit!

Oh yes, not to mention a replacement for my old mouse and mouse pad, the Logitech G1, and the Barracuda steel pad...

New toys on the block!

Guess I have to eat grass until my next pay T_T

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

[Life] Fei Chui La Mian Xiao Siew Mai Long Bao

After preparing some of my personal stuff during evening, me and my dad set off to Holland Village (2 bus station?) for La Mian Xiao Long Bao (拉面小龙包).

The restaurant adapt the "Huan Ying Guan Lin" (欢迎光临) type of greetings and escort us to our seats, without giving us the menu until we request for one.

While my dad looking through the menu carefully, I browse through the menu and gotten some items in mind. And we go for the order...

1) Fried Sauce Noodle (炸酱面)
2) Stir Fried Eel (??鳝鱼)
3) Mini Bao, their "famous" menu (小龙包)
4) Stir Fried Thick Noodle (??粗面)

Then it arrived and we ate of course. Then, my dad didn't talk a single word. I was like, "That's it...". My dad is a perfect judge for good food. If he say not nice, there's obvious reason behind it. His comment is as following

1) Ok
2) Good
3) Sucks, is it siew mai?
4) Sucks big times

You know, it's kinda true. If it goes by my explaination, it'll be quite close to my dad already.

1) Good quality noodle, but the sauce is like canned pork leg + sweet bean sauce, the one they use for mee rebus
2) What can I say? Unagi rocks!
3) I thought everyone claims that this bao has soup? Why is it so dry? No difference comparing to siew mai.
4) Does it have taste in the first place?

Unsatisfied, I called for my last bowl of noodle before I end the meal. I called for... Si Chuan Chut Chut Noodle (四川躅躅面). From the picture, I can see it's spicy, it's gonna be hot! It's gonna make me HIGH! Then after I tried it... I went -_-|| It's tom yam. WTF IS THIS?

Well at least I end my meal in peace. I guess unless I'm going with a pro who have praised the goodness of THAT meal, I won't go myself there again, anymore. I'd rather go fast food restaurant and settle my meal.

[Life] A blunder loan from the library

Just a few weeks ago, I manage to borrow a book by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code.

It's great! I mean, I resume reading a fiction again since last touched one at secondary 2. And man, I love mystery.

And what's more mysterious, than received a notification letter from the library. The book I reserved, "Angels and Demons" are made available to me! I went to collect it today.

Like the previous loan, I approached the librarian at the counter, implying that I have a reservation to collect. As she searched the cupboard for the book and revealed it, a "mysterious" feeling filled my mind up.

I really feel like screaming, "It's a... It's a... It’s a...!"


HUGE BOOK! Oh my god! When in the blue heaven universe (aka "bhu", same sound as Ribenna) did I reserved such a huge book?! At that moment, I broke a drop of sweat down my forehead.

Comparison... a deadly mistake...

Just then, I recalled I saw the measurement on the net when I'm reserving the book like 1 weeks ago. It indicated “30cm x...” I went "oh shit!", took the book and quietly left the library.

Gentlemen, please remember to read the measuring of the book to avoid this shit. I am still wondering how am I going to carry this, almost 2 kg book to my camp?

But there are good stuffs inside this gargantuan. Painting, maps, illustrations and photos that you'll not be able to find in that small books. It is as if it's like a pictorial. However, I hope I'll not grow shorter due to the weight -_-||

Friday, May 12, 2006

[News] Ringtone/Midi Blog up!

The blog for my achieve of Ringtone and/or midi is up!


A brief description about myself on midi. I begin my midi path as early as I bought my first computer. It was then 1998. The old self who loves to fonder about files, editing them, wondering how to edit midi files, not until I found my 1st program.

But, it was tough for me, a no-grader for music to handle musical stuff. With lots of guidance from friends like Thomas aka Kefka, Terrix, I never able to even create anything auditable.

Now I am, editing and making midi files like (hopefully) a 2nd grade musician, as a hobby and I hope to share those midis which again, I hope it can make it in your phone. Enjoy :D

Thursday, May 11, 2006

[Life] Lao sai day... sianz...

What a "shitty" day today man...

6:25am - Woke up by alarm, calling me to start my day to proceed to camp... I stood up from my bed, stand up and realise my eyes still closed, and I fell back to bed instantaneously... signs of fatique. Hoping that I can recover in the next half-an-hour, I snooze my phone to aid me not to overslept, but to no avail, I woke up and...
Rush to toilet to "relieve" myself.... AIYOYO!!!!

So, that's the 5th time in the "night". What can I say? Oh my... and to think I'm actually planning to write a review about the sushi buffet that I went just yesterday, and what's with me now?

And no, you might think I'm having diahrrea because of the japanese food that I ate, then you're very very wrong man. It's the dinner that I ate, the slices of crappork chops. Damned the chef! My market's western sucks big times man. In fact, all the food at my market sucks! God! How do I manage to survive my 21 years of life eating crap food from my market, only to get me this stupid diahrrea?

Come to think of it, by counting, I'd have took more than 3 MCs regarding diahrrea, 2 of them caused by food from my market, it's time to let the MP knows about it...

And I repeat, NO! Not Kikuzawa's sushi that causes me this, his sushi is by far the BEST I ever ate in SG (I haven't go japan so....) But what a waste, I forgotten to get my camera with me... but it's ok, I'll create a COMPLETE food review for the sushi cause it's paradise!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

[Camp] 1st Classified BBQ

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For he to-day that shares his BBQ food with me

Shall be my brother;

That looks good...

Yesterday I attended a BBQ in a classified location in Singapore. It was a 9 men BBQ, the absence of a “puah bi kuey” Private. Hours before the "attack", the recce group conducted a "fighting patrol" for food.

The main recce group consist of Ronald (Platoon Commander), Weili (Company driver), and Ziwang (Company Quartermaster).

While waited for BBQ to begin however, I fell asleep and didn’t know what’s going on till at about 6pm, way after the BBQ begun.

Nice weather for BBQ isn’t it?

However it wasn’t too late for me to actually try out the food. But it wasn’t ready yet! *pout* But there’s something that caught my attention.

Oh the beauty, highlight of the day.

Oh my god, good job guys!

Till there was a point I've forgotten that the officer on duty is a vegetarian. And this quote came into my mind.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” - Albert Einstein

So for just a moment, I feel guilty on what I’m going to eat after that. But well… WTFC?! (Figure that out yourself)

Just then, one of my comrades making something out of meat minces.

Working hard preparing the food for us. But...

So I asked, “Eh… what are you doing ah?”
And he replied, “Can’t you see?”

Apparently, I do not know what that is. Lol, I mean I attended BBQ less than 10 times in my life, 7 of which it’s so bored hosted by my cousins that I rather go home and sleep than to attend, that explains my phobia on BBQ.

Then, I asked again and I gotten the answer.

It’s beef shitpatty. It must be true cause he said so!

-_-;; I gotten nightmares on beef patty that night... really...

The aftermathresults...

The “patty” however looks quite delicious after it was cooked. But, I don’t like the beefy taste. Thus couldn’t appreciate the effort T_T

Oh and not forgetting the 2kg sweet potatoes that I bought for them. Look carefully, it is 2kg. Because of that, instead of finishing it, they decided to franchise it for some hard core cash.

And there’s a set meal too! Comes with a drink.

Overall the BBQ turns out well, except the washing I believe. Hope to have one in the future again. Probably with more type of food and more… entertainment.

Disclaimer: All the information and pictures above are taken at a classified area. Do not ask anyone regarding what’s on the picture.

I can tell you though. However, If I'm telling you...

I'd have to kill you.