Thursday, March 29, 2007

[Anime] Busou Renkin: What is it?

I came across this while watching Busou Renkin ep 25. And this interesting scene forced me into deep ponder but wondering what is it...

Mama's flavour... hmm...

Remind you, the mosaic effect is added in the anime, not by me. So even I have no clue what is it... What could it be...?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

[Life] The aftermath of wisdom tooth? Kikuzawa of course!

The battle of wisdom tooth. The battle which preparation took months, the cost which will only be comparable with 10 to 20 kikuzawa buffet. The excitement of seeing blood... the anguish when you hear "zzz zzzz" from the dentist tools... Where you know you'll arrived at the 18th storey of hell only to be...

Argh that's enough... "Dun think too much and go!", there I go, on 9th March, 2007 to the National Dental Centre for my removal of my wisdom tooth. It's been like almost half a year since I've decided to pluck it. So with $30 in my wallet, I set off on a Hundred dollar trail... (A look to the past)

A few days ago, I asked my colleagues about the experiences of plucking wisdom tooth. And the words that hurts me the most are all the money involved ($3k, $1k, $700+, $500+). "Why I can visualise myself eating grasses after plucking wisdom tooth?", I told myself...

So, with a heavy heart, and the feeling of pain NOT for my mouth, but for my pocket, I disembark upon the great crusade which I've striven for many months.

So the procedure is as follow:
1405: It's my turn. I went in and with the dentist not even considering taking an X-ray for me, I was a little worry.
1407: After some hesitation, I finally got a hold of myself and asked the dentist to pluck the wisdom tooth. He agree and recommend local anesthesia, and I agree.
1410: He poked several places to inject the anesthesia (I knew it, stop reading and get lost, all the hentai yaros. Very dirty minded :/), and you can immediately feel that it's like injecting some nanomachine in your body.
1415: I've no idea why the dentist waited 5 mins for. Well, I'm not one, so I don't know for sure. The nurse like bochap and then walk here and there... The anesthesia on my gum took effect long ago. I can feel the swelling on my gums, and there's a lump which I feel as if I can swollow it. At that time, in my mind, I was thinking, "Oh my god... every jab I took, every cash I lost... pls no more..."
1416(20): Dentist tells me to lie down and took a plier-type of tools and hold on to my wisdom tooth...
1416(30): And it came off. Immediately, I give a thumb-up hand-sign to the dentist. Then the nurse happy-go-lucky took the tooth, put in a bag (without washing the tooth), and tell me "This is your souvenir".

"Souvenir" indeed -_-;;

To be frank, it was a natural respond for me to show a thumb-up sign. Actually, what I wish to show is this...

1419: After settling the bill of $32 (gnahahaha XD), I took a cab to my working place to work despite a day MC, how silly of me ^_^;;

And of course, the "souvenir" is added to my collection.

Some people said that for the next few days I should have a hard time eating. With a lump on my cheek, even swollowing is a problem.

What's the different for me, with the dentist NOT even prescribe me a painkiller? I ate sushi, Carl's junior, etc etc... LOL! Erm... of course, the fatscholesterol are the focus here, not the teeth... Hmph... let's be good and don't side track the topic, shall we? ^_^;;

The grand finale is still, the Kikuzawa visit during 17th of March, that's 1 week after the plucking of my wisdom tooth. It's to celebrate me surviving the wisdom tooth plucking, the POP of the Field Defense Squadron, or FDS training for Terrix, which in turn become Feminine Dopey Squadron (Also FDS), and the near-to-ORD Lumiere, finally graduate from that Space PortAir Base...

Days before we went, I called and booked for the secret room (unlocked with Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start, Select+B(hold))

Even wonder what did the chef do with the waitress during non-business times? *roll eyes*

We arrived, entered, and sit on the floor like a japanese, so we thought. In the end, we created our own culture, and thought it might be good to share during culture exchange program in the future.

During Osaka exchange program, one of the Osaka host hosted for us, saw this and went "Nande ane?!"

Then the Itamae gave us sashimi for 4.

10 sec after it was set on the table

Of course, eating in Kikuzawa already make me go cloud 9, with that, my excitement level is full 10/10. Until this came...

I virtually nose bleeded, Karin-style...

It's inclusive in the 1st 2 plates of sushi served to us...

Pay close attention to the Shake at the left (HIGH QUALITY), the sea-urchin (HIGH QUALITY ONLY TOO), and most of all... the one on the right, BBQed on the spot :O )

5 sec after it was placed on the table, Ikura is simply irresistable!

Occasionally he also served us misc stuff. Don't ask me what it is... just follow Lumiere's word, "Shoot Eat first, make friends find out later"

On the left, is Shake in Ponzu sauce, an excellant appetizer

Chawanmushi, Kikuzawa style. With mushroom and Uzumaki Naruto. There's a "rasengan" hidden below too

Then after that Kikuzawa passed us this... Immediately we went... "Wtf..."

A strategy to make us full...

Terrix immediately go "Walao!", I go "...", Lumiere go "Erm...", then Mokona go "ahhhh puuuu".

Nevertheless, we still need to clear it up before the next serving come... Suddenly...

I went "OMG!" and "shared" most of the things with the others, leaving only the potato

I hate this dish seriously, for no reasons. Maybe it resembles korean cusine alot?

A while later...

Me: Erm, what is this?
Lumiere: Just eat
Me: Erm... ok :3

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Back to the topic, after the "WTF" serving of sushi, we decided to have a revenge. By ordering...

Kikuzawa felt our wraith...>

Before you know it, double-hit combo...

We 1, Kikuzawa 0>

Before we go, we finished off with a fatality...

And a good taboo too. 8 Treasures of luck (吉祥八宝) PS: Pls ignore the "extra" edamame>

1 min after the last picture>

I'd say this is the best feast so far, considering it's been like a year since I last visit Kikuzawa. And to say, his business isn't as good as last time, but it's not as bad, considering I've been tricked to see someone's butt... (hor, Mokona Apapa? :/ )

We've accomplished enjoying our feast, discussing on future Japan trip, some "secret projects", and of course, the best accomplishment I believe is a picture taken by Lumiere himselfherself. It's a picture full of compassionate, and it literally lits me up with KWS (Kikuzawa Withdrawal Symdrome) for days!

Thumbs up for this picture!

Very detail photography of a Shake sushi. A falling rice grain at the left, the texture of the shake, the lighting, and the dripping shoyu...Guess what? It's the very last piece of sushi Terrix ate that day...

PS: It's been a while since I update my blog so I thought it should be a little bigger this time round. ^_^;;

Sunday, March 11, 2007

[Anime] 暁の車 (Akatsuki No Kuruma)

An introduction to my favourite song from my favourite composer, Akatsuki No Kuruma, by Fiction Junction Featuring Yuuka. This song, most noticible from the anime, Gundam Seed, is an insert from ep 27 (?) and 40. I love it the moment I hear it, thanks to understanding jap a little, I came to love the lyrics. I've been looking at versions after versions of translations of the song, and I can tell you, I kinda sick of it. But not till I watched this video. It has chinese translation to it and it's beautiful...

Enjoy, Akatsuki No Kuruma...

Chinese(TOUGH time finding unknown words ^_^;;)
English (By me, base on the chinese lyrics)





微风拂过的树荫之下 掩面哭泣的女子
默默望着 那个累不相识的自己
为不归之人叹息 流星陨落天际

[不要离我而去] 声嘶力竭地呼喊

为将逝之人叹息 再度奏响的吉他
拨弄着心弦 久久不能平静


燃尽一切回忆 走在大地之上
令人怀念的往昔 正绽放新芽

车轮回转 生生不息
The gentle winds concealed a tearful lady in the shadow of the tree
Calmly looking at her unfamiliar self
Playing the guitar for the departing one
Heave a sigh over him, the star falls off the sky

"Do not leave me", screamed as loud as she could
Only the orange petals waver
Leaving behind on her soft face
The warmness of his palms gradually faded
Leaving behind a resonating tune plucked by his fingers

Relief the compassion like a child from the gentle hands
Burning wheels accompanied the continuous journey
The guitar tune, grieving for the departing one
Relentlessly disrupting one's string in the heart

A pure white heart, which have never been tainted by sorrow
Like orange petals waver over the shadow of summer
Like a kind, vanishing face
Overcoming the vast red desert
Listened to the rhythm of departure

Recalling everything while walking on this land
Memories matured, like plant sprouting new lives

Sending of the dawn's carriage
The orange petals still waver somewhere
A Nostalgic twilight
Before it could be found again
Please do not put out the lamp
The wheels turn, it'll always be

PS: My gaming nick is named "KamiKaze" cause of this song. It actually sounds like a kamikaze's wife (daughter) leaving to die. To be frank, I hate japanese who thinks they are right for WW2, and saying things like "This is war, people dies right?" (source from CNA) Eat shit will ya! I learn japanese for peace, not for war. I respect Kamikaze for their love of their country and to die for it, not for the sake of killing others in war.

Nevertheless, this is still my favourite anime song.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

[Life] Last half of my "wisdom"

Finally, I'm plucking my wisdom tooth tomorrow. I've delayed for like almost 9 months to remove this bugger, not till the good news about it growing at the right path, did I push back to 9th March.

I've my "Last dinner" just now, which I'll have my "Last breakfast" and "Last lunch" tomorrow. To think of it, there are 2 things which actually hurts me the most, probably more than the pain itself from wisdom tooth.
  • The $$ involved. I heard that it cost around $200++ to pluck one. It makes me shoo guilty that why didn't I pluck it during NS? Sigh, all for the sake of duty...
  • The pushback of the "Kikuzawa" feast! Waited half a year for the grand feast and it's pushed back because of it! Argh!

The music from this video, "Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu" clearly shows what's in my mind now, total chaos...

Well, my sis brought her camera to USA, and I do not have 1 at the moment, so this "wonderful" moment will not be caught on the camera. I also probably couldn't make a "before-and-after" comparison of my lovely cheek. But nevertheless, I hope I survive tomorrow T_T

健闘を祈る, ポール 神 よ!