Thursday, March 08, 2007

[Life] Last half of my "wisdom"

Finally, I'm plucking my wisdom tooth tomorrow. I've delayed for like almost 9 months to remove this bugger, not till the good news about it growing at the right path, did I push back to 9th March.

I've my "Last dinner" just now, which I'll have my "Last breakfast" and "Last lunch" tomorrow. To think of it, there are 2 things which actually hurts me the most, probably more than the pain itself from wisdom tooth.
  • The $$ involved. I heard that it cost around $200++ to pluck one. It makes me shoo guilty that why didn't I pluck it during NS? Sigh, all for the sake of duty...
  • The pushback of the "Kikuzawa" feast! Waited half a year for the grand feast and it's pushed back because of it! Argh!

The music from this video, "Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu" clearly shows what's in my mind now, total chaos...

Well, my sis brought her camera to USA, and I do not have 1 at the moment, so this "wonderful" moment will not be caught on the camera. I also probably couldn't make a "before-and-after" comparison of my lovely cheek. But nevertheless, I hope I survive tomorrow T_T

健闘を祈る, ポール 神 よ!