Saturday, December 16, 2006

[No Life] SOS dan has a new member!

And I just recently joined SOS dan, lead by Haruhi herself.

Other than a T-shirt, which I've spent $39.90 on it, she also implementing a new rule to all the new members. That is...

To Practice this 500 times a day...

Luckily, she did not implement to bite all the new member's ear... :/

Friday, December 01, 2006

[Anime] NABE Reloaded!

Lol watch it and you'll know... those who catch the joke, prepare to laugh until peng. For those who don't, also prepare to laugh until peng! LOL!

*anime removed, sad :( *

[Anime] God knows...

I remember the time when I was watching Suzumiya Haruhi's anime and until this point I got a shock when they decided to come up with a rock concert in the school. And there it is, in my Mp3 play list, "God knows". (Anime version below). You can ignore the chinese sub at the beginning... I kinda chuckled at their translation. But the song is 100% accurate...

And I happen to come by this person by the nick of Ki-dunno what fox, and his e.guitar is... omg...

A bonus, also in the anime clip, "Lost my music".

Saturday, November 25, 2006

[Anime] Fiction Junction Featuring Yuuka - Kouya Ruten

Kajiura Yuki (梶浦由紀) project group, Fiction Junction is featuring Yuuka again, on this song named "Kouya Ruten" (荒野流転). The opening for the anime "Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto" (幕末機関説 いろはにほへと).

I remembered previewing this anime's opening, and once I hear the even-so-recognising kok-kokkok-kok type of music which match those old samurai, I decided to drop it without watching it further.

It was till later when I realise that the opening is from Fiction Junction that I feel that I've insulted myself. So I hold my breath and watched the opening, which sounds pretty ok. Until I watched the PV...

I confessed that I like Kajiura Yuki's song, and I appreciate Yuuka's vocal. But never once I praised the PV of Yuuka. She was doing irritating handsigns for ALL her PV, and I thought this time she might have improved... but this time, she decided to perform Taiji... (打太极) WTF?!

I even went to the extend of asking one of my friends, who learnt hand signs on what she actually trying to say. But basically, her hand signs represent NOTHING... Virtually nothing... so WTF is going on?

When I take a closer look, she's trying to illustrate what she sings... but in a very wrong way... She tries to correct it this time. But there's too many "KAZE (wind)" and "daichi (earth)" till she really majiam doing Taiji... Buey tahan...

I gave up... but I still enjoy the song nevertheless. However the anime is still giving me negative feelings :/ I hate samurai anime. Slash slash die die aw aw sian sian... drop... -_-

Btw, the lyrics of the song and the translation (Special thanks to Kouya for the translation)



真昼より眩しい 日没を越えて


僕等はきっと暗闇の 腕から生まれてきた



あれは月の夢か 白く光る花
けぶる丘の彼方 煌めき手招く

胸に響く悠久の 音楽に耳を澄ませ


僕等はきっと暗闇の 腕から生まれてきた

The Flux of Wilderness

I continue to walk, shakily treading across
The earth that has been frozen over with moonlight
An era of destruction and rebirth begins

I hoist up my heavy banner of freedom
I choose a weeping path, head down it
And pass by a sunset more radiant than midday

As if reciting a dream, the boat of time moves forth
Beyond that dark road it travels lies a new dawn

People like me were surely born from the hand of darkness
There isn’t any way to return home from this
Endless path that I must wander forevermore
Like a wish for love that never comes true,
I head towards a distant light

Bewildered by the thought of survival,
Yet fearful of meeting death,
Sorrow dwells in each breath of people like me

Our screams vanishing into loneliness,
Sipping our teardrops,
Everyone roams alone through a wasteland

Is that the moon’s dream—a white, shining flower?
From the other side of that hazy hill, its gleam beckons

My ears listen to the music of eternity resounding within my heart
Like puzzled sand tossed in the wind
Even if I disappear into this moment
Wandering the endless path forevermore
I’ll head beyond the wasteland

Is that the moon’s dream?

People like me were surely born from the hand of darkness
There isn’t any way to return home from this
Endless path that I must wander forevermore
Like a wish for love that never comes true,
I head towards a distant light
To the other side


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

[Anime] Nabe! Nabe nabe!

As a fellow hokkien, I find this clip, the preview of the next episode of "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge" rather offensive...

Dun need to explain to me what it is, I know what it is... But, IS IT VERY NICE HEARING VULGARITIES OVER AND OVER AGAIN?! NABE!!! >( But well, another one that I can use to "scold" and get to be smiled all over...

That could probably a situation on my future visits to an Osaka region hotel restaurant... Kani = Crab, Nabe = Hotpot... well you guessed it... KNNB = Crab Hotpot... try it at a jap restaurant next time ^_^


Waiter: Hi sir, can I help you?
Me: NABE! NABE NABE NABE!!! KANINABE!!! (Kani = Crab, Nabe = Hotpot)
Waiter: I got it, pls wait ^_^
Me: *spill food on the table* KANINA!!! (kanina = "sorry" in Osaka slang)
Waiter: It's ok ^_^ You dun have to apologize...
Me: O_o? Kanina?
Waiter: It's ok, really, you dun have to ^_^
Waiter: Ok, I'll get another serving for you ^_^
Lumiere: Uguu :X (uguu = just another sound, pls ignore this line XD)


Sunday, November 12, 2006

[Anime/Life] Seiyuus in Singapore

After ORDing, I'm still finding a job, where there was a time when I'm wondering how much a Singapore seiyuu (声優, or simply, voice actor) earn? That brings me to wonder how much a voice actor in Japan earn, till I came across this article. (Copied and pasted below)

It's very well written, so all the credits goes to the Riuva.

People Focus: Seiyuu and Animators are Slaves, not Stars


I haven’t visited the Animesuki forums ever since it lost all its threads. Stuck here in my dad’s office helping him cover for his on-leave secretary, I’ve nothing to do except surf forums. And then I saw the "The Industry - Lifestyles and Wages" thread which is probably the most informative forum thread I’ve come across there. Please read it and it will change us Gaijin anime lovers’ viewpoint on anime forever.

It is terribly long and covers a broad range of issues, with very insightful full-length articles contributed by people like kj1980 and egglant. I cannot verify its credibility but given their track records, I’m believing every word. It’s gonna be a rude shock for those of you who worship seiyuus as stars, aspire to be animators or want to join the industry.

To anyone who has not seen the dark truth behind the anime industry, read on and find out how the genki, cheerful anime we watch is sweetened with the sweat and blood of the production crew.

I have sorted and classified the posts and summarised them. In Word form font 12, the informative posts took up 12 pages and totaled some 6,500 words. That’s some nice forum reading eh? Read the original thread if you want something fully comprehensive. The shortened version is long too.

This thread has just made me a lot more certain that doing well in school, picking up an elite degree, gaining mastery of languages and generally being capable of doing high-level corporate work is far better, at least in terms of materialism, than pursuing naive dreams. Anime has a tendency to spout lines like "If you don’t stop dreaming, you will never fail" or similar cheesy idealistic lines which sounds nice but never works in real life.

I have never thought of anime as anything more than a hobby and when I resume school in University (currently serving mandatory Military Service), it’s probably going down my list of priorities. I curently earn S$400 monthly (about 28,000 yen), which is less than the cost of 2 Macross Transformable Valkryies and it is illegal for me to do part-time jobs to supplement this meagre allowance. My targeted major is actually Food Science and Technology and I’m interested in making convenient food. Also known as food I can eat while watching anime.


Animators are Slaves
The discussion starts with the pay and working hours of animators. Lets start with a Survey detailing the salaries earned by Japanese animators.

Working an average of 10.2 hours a day, 49.5% of them reported that they feel that their salaries are not sufficient for the work they do and 90% of them feel that the benefits and pensions are insufficient.

26.8% earn less than 1 million yen (US$8,500 approx.) annually, 19.6% earn between 1 million yen and 2 million yen (US$17,000 approx.) annually, 18.6% earn between 2 million yen and 3 million yen (US$25,700 approx.) annually. 65% of Japanese animators earn less than 3 million yen annually.

One category of animators, the storyboard animators who are responsible for drawing up outlines and sketches of how the animation will run, earns even less. They are often paid on a "per frame" basis, earning an average of 187 yen (US$1.60 approx.) per frame. 73.7% of these animators earn less than 1 million yen per year and the highest paid storyboard animators earn at most 80% of what other types of animators make.

Kj1980 has quite the facts to add.
"Animators (gengaka) here are viewed as the bottom rung of society - people who work close to 20+ hours a day, have to sleep at their office, who gets paid less than the people flipping burgers at McDonald’s, and never see a single yen from the profits from the sales.

The head honcho (they can be the chief writer, the director, the original character designer, etc.) are the ones who bring up the idea, who do all the dealings with sponsors and TV studios, who are the brainchild of the series, stories, and whatnot. Hence, they reap in all the royalties and percentage of the profits. That’s why you have people like Akahori Satoru (main writer for many successful anime and games) who owns a Centurion American Express card, who lavishes around in expensive bars ordering $5,000+ bottles of wine, driving around in exotic cars and getting all the ladies. On the other hand, you have slaving low level animators who gets paid meager amounts in which they can’t pay their electric bills and are kicked out from their apartments for not being able to pay their rent.

If you persevere you might get a chance to be responsible for the chief animation director. And if you are able to get through that, you might make connections along the way to move up to become a director or a writer. But out of a pool of thousands of low level animators, the chances are slim."

Dafool, who is in the Filipino animation industry, gives some insight into hellish working conditions.

  • Do you want to sleep and bathe in the animation studio, going home (if at all) only during the weekends?

  • Do you want a steady diet of coffee, coke, Ministop fried chicken, 7-Eleven hotdogs, and cigarettes?

  • Do you want to work very hard on a scene, only to have to redo it because someone down the pipeline thinks it sucks? Or worse, because some idiot accidentally deleted it.

  • Do you want to be assured that after the current project is over, you have no guarantee of your next work?

  • Do you just love to bask in the condescending attitudes of the expats who make no effort to mask the fact that they dislike you because you are doing their job for cheap and who blame all bad quality on the outsourcing and subcontractors, and yet at the same time change their minds at the last minute to redo some scenes worse than they were to begin with?

  • Do you like to work with people who did not have a good education, or who were involved in drugs at some point in their lives?

Yes, it is still possible to be richer being a freelance animator than a salaryman. If you are superman and can pump out twenty feet a day, that is.

Eggplant, who is living in Japan, notes the reasons behind the working conditions.
"This atrocious working environment is not only tolerated, it is legal. These animators are not employed by their respective studios, but instead are servicing their skills under a contractual agreement, with remuneration based on output (i.e., number of pages penciled/painted). In essence, they are not subject to labor laws, including the application of minimum wages and maximum hours of labor per week. Despite being technically immune to corporate regulations such as working hours, studios bind them to their desks until the quota is fulfilled, hinting that the slightest sign of insubordinance will lead to his/her firing, as animators are literally disposable, replaced by the next flock of unwitting wannabes.

But the majority of young animators are at the mercy of studios, to be exploited at will, and those that manage to stay on board will eventually encounter a reality check in the form of their services no longer being necessary. Then again, how can an average digital artist make ends meet at a per page rate of under 200 yen, when the maximum number of pages one can physically complete is 20 per day?

The anime industry is extremely closed and it is so for a reason. In comparison to other forms of entertainment, production costs for anime are extremely expensive, mainly to cover labor costs for the immense amount of hand drawn artwork. A thrity minute late night episode averages around US$200K, which is rather unpractical considering the resources needed to re-collect the money (primarily by DVD sales).

This was already an issue from the dawning ages of anime. Mushi Productions, the first Japanese anime studio, led by the legendary Tezuka Osamu, realized that cutting production costs was essential in the survival of future anime. All other studios followed suit, and eventually horrible working conditions became synonymous with anime production. This remained tacit knowledge for a long time, as if competetive studios were working in collusion in order to cover up the dark side of the indsutry.

Tezuka is praised for his work, as his contributions to the industry surpass any of his vices. However, he is also the center of controversy within the anime industry, and high profile people such as director Miyazaki Hayao has been known to criticize the late Tezuka of setting a precedent."


Seiyuu are not Stars
Contrary to popular belief, the life is a seiyuu isn’t like that of a regular star. Majority of them live like normal people, or even less-well off than normal people. Without a fixed income, they have to search for as many auditions as possible, if not a part-time job may be required just to stay alive.

Kj1980 explains the harsh truth.
Seiyuus are paid around 2,000-3,000 yen per episode. That means, even if you have one line or hundred of lines, you are still paid the same amount. Almost every seiyuu that is tied to a talent agency is paid around that price. Once you are famous enough to make out on your own, you are your own boss so you can haggle your own price. A good example of how poor seiyuus are can be best exemplified from YuriC’s (Ochiai Yurika) personal blog - that she didn’t have enough money to pay the electric bill so her electricity was cut off, she almost had her mobile phone disconnected because she couldn’t pay that bill.

So in order to make a living as a seiyuu - they attend as many auditions as they can so that they can be selected to appear in almost every episode for at least two or three titles per season.

Singers are different. Their income mainly comes from revenues from CD sales. The difference between seiyuus that sings and real singers is exactly just that - seiyuus rarely ever see a single yen from royalties from their CDs, whereas real singers reap in huge royalties.

Seiyuu receives little to nothing when she sings. The deal is between the talent agency in which the seiyuu resides and the record company. Not the seiyuu him/herself.

They are just corporate workers who have a job at a talent agency. Their main job is to provide voice acting service for the company. The more they do, the more money companies make with deals.

Besides, the main royalties goes to people who writes the lyrics and makes the music - not the singer. So, if you look carefully at the credits, it reads:

  • Lyrics by:

  • Music by:

  • Sung by:

Lyrics gets royalties because the lyrics to the song is published. If it is used in karaoke machines, then licensing costs margins goes to the person who wrote the lyrics. Same holds true for the original music. The singer just sings to the written lyrics and the music. Practically anyone can do that if they have a nice voice, so little money goes to them.

The flow:

  • Talent agency calls up their seiyuu to sing.

  • The lyrics and music are already made by the record company.

  • The girl sings to the lyrics and the music. She is paid a stipend for doing that.

  • The song is an instantaneous hit (to otakus).

  • The royalties goes to: the talent agency (which provided the singer) and the record company (which provided the lyrics and the music)

  • What did the seiyuu receive? The stipend only.

  • So what if the seiyuu gets pissed off for not receiving more? The talent agency can just replace the seiyuu since they have a giant pool of them to choose from.
  • The seiyuu need the agency to find them jobs.

"In the light" seiyuus that does voice acting for "in the light" games gets paid a modest amount. I’m not certain of the details as that is usually a haggling price between the game makers and the talent agency.

As for "in the dark" seiyuus who uses pseudonyms or who cannot get roles for "in the light" (sadly, majority of newly seiyuu graduates succumb to such roles) have no choice but to lend their voices for ero-games or ero-anime. They are usually paid quite low. Lately many previously "in the dark" seiyuus have come "into the light" with high popularity of the originally ero-game based-turned anime. The opposite also holds true: many "in the light" seiyuus lend their own voices (with pseudonyms) for "in the dark" ero-game industry in order to make a living.

In either case, whether you are popular or not, whether you have concerts or expos, seiyuus are not paid that well. Only a few, a very select few make money whose ranges are of several ten thousand yens per episode.

Who makes the most money? Veterans like Inoue Kikuko or Hayashibara Megumi aren’t in the top bracket. Legendary people in their late fifties, sixties, and in their seventies. The people who do (did) voices for Doraemon and Sazae-san. People who did the majority of kids’ shows back in the 70s and 80s. They are the ones in which the a large portion of the Japanese populace grew up listening to by watching "World Masterpiece Theater." Current big-name seiyuus learned their skills from these people. But even then, the top earning seiyuu legends like Kamiya Akira get paid an only a 10~50,000 yen per episode.

That is why most seiyuus need to do many auditions to get more anime series, dub voice overs for movies, voices for commercials, to make a living. If that doesn’t work, they need to find a job for secondary income (working at a restaurant, a convenience store, etc. etc.).

If you don’t have nothing to shine and impress the sponsors, sound directors, and the creators of anime, TV commercials or movies, you end up working for the dark side - voicing ero-anime and ero-games (though many seiyuus do ero-games under a pseudonym as it pays a bit better), getting quick cash by appearing in a porno.

The fans don’t care - the people that get irked are the sponsors. And the main reason is:

Let’s say a seiyuu goes to an audition and get the role for a very popular children’s show that runs on NHK (the nationally owned TV station).

A few days later, TV execs find out that the seiyuu did a role in an ero-game without covering up her name. She immediately loses her job that she acquired.

Why? Same as any other country with bitching parents and teachers associations that cry afoul "oh, think of the children! how can you be so obtuse to let such person doing a kid’s show! won’t please someone think of the children!?"

Miyamura Yuko, the seiyuu for Asuka in "Neon Genesis Evangelion" gained immense popularity when that anime became a hit. However, when a tabloid exposed that she appeared in a porno several years before (the days when she wasn’t famous and needed cash to make a living), the gossip press daunted her days after days. This continued to taunt Miyamu for several months during which she couldn’t get any job because of this.

Fans of Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton could care less of their sexcapades (rather, many are interested), so do fans of seiyuus. It’s the tabloids and the press, bitching parents, teachers and liberal activists. It’s the sponsors and talent agencies who instantly distance themselves when such "facts" are broken to the press.

If seiyuus need the money, they’d better be sure to use pseudonyms when they take voice acting roles for ero-games and ero-anime.

Few examples:
Mizuhashi Kaori = Uehara Tomomi
Itou Shizuka = Misaki Rina
Nabatame Hitomi = Tezuka Maki

Eggplant, on the process of becoming a seiyuu.
Anime is not a role model for the entertainment industry, and unlike actors, singers, or athletes who are recognized and duly compensated for their skills, from the studio’s point of view, seiyuus are merely staff despite their actor/actress moniker, and are treated that way.

How ironic it is for seiyuus to be given recent recognition not only by hardcore otakus, but by the entertainment industry as well, when their paycheck pales in comparison to that of an office worker of the same age. Seiyuus, who have established themselves are no exception.

An aspiring seiyuu will usually have to endure 2 years of basic acting training at a vocational school, then enter an agency in Tokyo as a trainee for another 2-3 years of acting lessons before he or she can do any acting work. And that is if the said person is talented enough which is a 1% chance. Even then, such roles for newcomers are sparse, and the prospective seiyuu must win through auditions.

And what is his/her paycheck for this? 12,000 yen (appoximately $110) per episode minus tax deduction and agency commissions, assuming the seiyuu is a member of the Japan Actors Guild. And don’t think that such a union is for the mutual benefit of the seiyuu, as it simply stipulates the unique classification system which is the basis for their appearance fee.

This fixed rate is applicable whether you have one line or a thousand (though there are variable factors that are taken into account), and one’s rank will not be re-evaluated until after 2-3 years, where he/she can only step up to the next level.

The ten tier rating system starting off from Junior (15,000 yen per episode prior to deductions) to Veteran (45,000 yen), plus the special Non-Rank reserved for mainly 60 year olds and above, has hardly any leeway in terms of money. Essentially, a longtime veteran will make only maximum three times that of a rookie per episode. In fact, there are many seiyuus that resist on being promoted to a higher class, as a higher fee will lead to lesser jobs.

Put that into the rookie seiyuu’s shoes. He/she can only earn 60,000 yen per month without stipend, and it is likely that that role is the seiyuu’s only one. No wonder why seiyuus have to resort to other ways to make a living, by appearing in events, doing narration work, dubbing games or commercials, and that’s if there’s such an offer. Otherwise, it’s a continuation of the part-time job he/she did during the trainee days in order to make a living. Since you can only do seiyuu work in Tokyo, and if you’re out here on your own, you must take part time jobs to keep a roof over you.

Seiyuu who are not a union members are forced into worse conditions. Some studios or advertising agencies often hire non-union seiyuus due to budget constraints or animosity towards the union, and there are people who will due whatever it takes to grab a role. There are also seiyuu agencies that are not Management Association members, who exclusively handle non union member seiyuus, although it is up to the individual seiyuu whether to join the guild or not.

Due to the efforts of senior seiyuus, the road for incentives is open, mainly income based on re-runs, but royalties stemming from DVD sales have yet to be in implemented. Simply based on the information laid down here, for example, a 5 year veteran seiyuu with a base wage of 20,000 yen per show who does 4 shows a particular season will earn 240,000 yen a month on anime seiyuu work alone, which finally brings it up to normal living standards.

The spotlight on anime will most likely continue, generating lots of revenue for the select few people in the industry. Too bad that it isn’t adequately returned to the people responsible for putting it into life. And sadly enough, the truth will never reach the starry eyed seiyuu wannabes until confronted with the harsh reality.

Kj1980 gives a reality check for Foreigners who want to be seiyuu.
For foreign seiyuu wannabes, do you really want to go through the trouble of getting a student visa for Japan, submitting dozens of paperwork to prove that you have sufficient income to get by, paying a hefty fee for a temporary residential permit for foreigners, with the restrictions of not being able to get jobs due to "student" status, just to become a seiyuu?

And even if you manage to get by, there are 10,000+ seiyuus that graduate such voice acting schools each year, in which only a handful gets hired by talent agencies. And even then, your salary is extremely low.

Eggplant continues
Erogames are not subject to the rank payment system of anime, although standard video games has its own rating system. A seiyuu can earn 3 or 4 more times as much as he/she can by doing erogames, even though the seiyuu will assume a pseudonym.

This is because erogames/ ero anime videos are a niche market, catered to a minority willing to dish out huge bucks for a product and the production company knows that they have stellar quality by hiring an anime seiyuu.

Male seiyuu are not hesitant about appearing in erogames, as their identity is concealed and they can reap in good money. However, many female seiyuu resist such paths, and in some cases, their agency refuses to have them work in such fields.

In any case, anime seiyuus have to compete against proprietary erogame/eroanime seiyuu for the role, wherein the former has better acting skills while the latter has a better connections within the market.

Male seiyuu who can live a good life do narration work for TV, radio, videos, etc., as payment is very generous. In fact, seiyuus that are homeowners and who drive around in flashy cars built their fortune by doing such work.

In a way, seiyuus are better off than idol singers, who usually have a fixed income the first few years no matter how much that person rakes in for the agency, however when that idol starts switches to a performance based contract, it is a totally different story, as even a Morning Musume member can earn 40 million yen a year.

Listen to the voice acting in Miyazaki Hayao movies. He uses top notch actors/actresses as he depises the industry and anime seiyuus in general, but the end result is mediocre acting at best. This is an indication that top notch seiyuus are best at doing voice dubbing work, a talent often taken for granted.

Of course seiyuu will never attain the celebrity status of a leading actor/actress, as anime in general is a niche market where the seiyuu’s face and name are not recognizable to the public. Actors/actresses in Japan earn most of their money by endorsing products in TV commercials.


That’s not exactly a summary is it? But after reading through this, would you still think of Horie Yui and Noto Mamiko in the same way? It’s always better to know than to be ignorant. So next time, when you watch anime, keep in mind that this is the end product of a lot of effort and sacrifice.

Approximately 81 yen to 1 Singapore dollar. That means, an apprentice seiyuu only earns $500+ for the entire series, providing his/her voice is used every episode. On comparison for jobs in Singapore, an NS combat-support Coporal is paid $520, road sweeper (aka Bangala brothers) earning $700+ per month, any part time job outside for one month at least $800-$1000. Heck, even free lancing jobs that you can find outside would earn you $400-$600 by shaking legs at home.

Considering the fact that earning money is so hard in Japan, it makes me think twice of migrating there, uguu... :(

And those of you who have jobs, cherish it. After knowing how hard it is to earn money in other profession, I hope you do...

Friday, November 03, 2006

[Anime] Pizza Hut supports rebellion!

If you happen to watch code geass ep 5, dun be surprise if you see this...

It's gold! Pizza Hut supports the rebellion! XD

Long live the rebellion! Long live the Hawaiian Pizza!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


It was kind of old... since I've the flash probably close to half a year back but it is still astonishing everytime I watch this...

Enjoy the parody of Gundam Seed, with Type-moon's Tsukihime...

Hail 春風亭工房!

And this is awesome too!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

[Life] ORD ORH! End of NS life...

18th October 2006 marks the end of my NS life. It's been like 2 and a half years since I've graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and entered in the what-known-as the "scariest" "sacred" time of every male citizens of Singapore.

My NS Life...

Started out my journey in Pulau Tekong Gryphon Company Platoon 2, I enjoy every single bit of it (except the arm skote IC part, which of course, FUBAR(Fcked Up Beyond All Redemption).

Started out my journey in Pulau Tekong Gryphon Company Platoon 2, I enjoy every single bit of it (except the arm skote IC part, which of course sux).

For brothers in arms, Comrades for life...

Training in tekong is not as tough as I thought, thanks to my positive mindset of being a sniper (which in the end, it's just a dream) and aiming for SISPEC (which of course, didn't manage to get in too). I still remember the "fun" we had during bunk cleaning, the feeling we had when we book in and out, the ups and downs of my bunkmates. It was fun at that time. If I thought unit is so sucks, I'd have asked my buddy, Jimmy to screw me more before we POP. Of course, not what you're thinking XD We aren’t 302...

That was also the time when I realize that shooting aren't that hard at all, but how the heck did I miss the marksman requirement? In other words, being over confidence sucks... Still remember 3SG Erizeman... Still remember the 5 days field camp which I "luun" my shit for 3 days before releasing all at one on the 4th day morning... Still remember the IPPT which I finally passed after for so long... Still remember those days...

Eish, Jun Hao, Kui Bao, Fin, Najib, Peter, Me myself, Jimmy Goh, Hwei Neng ,Fariz, Jimmy Lee, Louis and Jun Wei... All the best in your future ventures...

The dark days of my NS life... well not really...

It was a time of dark sky in my NS life... The first day I entered that manifest den, I can feel a new chemical is being produced from my body, it makes me numb, it makes me wanna puke. I still remember the amount of time we waited for allocation of bunk, the noise we produced (I was quiet, cause I was lonely T_T) before we got screwed upside down by Incek Paul (then, the Training Warrant Officer), and the long road we marched before we arrived in our bunk.

On arrival of the bunk, I can sense, the spirits of those who ventured into this den but never returned again, the warning signs from the scar of the building which battles after battles against time have fought... Mother Earth is telling me to be careful...

I still remember the 40x16 jumping jet I did that result in a micro-fractured toe. I still remember the "ORHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" turnout siren!

A siren which will wake any dead people around, if there's any. I still remember the "RARHH RAHRHAHARHAH" dog barking CSM, which scolds and give us instructions in a language we don't understand at all, and then punish us cause we never do them. Of course, the rumour about how crazy is 1SG William treating his men and how the men treat him back. It was dark and cold...

But then, there was light at the very end of this dark path, the light which shows us our clear path. 3SG Dennis, 3SG Jacky and last but not least, 3SG Lye. The instructors of Platoon 4, which punish us with reasons, took care of us when we were down, tekang us in a way we enjoyed very much, keep us fit while make us shack. I'd like to specially thank 3SG Lye for training us this way. This is my first time in my life that I gotten silver for IPPT. (quote: (after doing 8 pull ups) Wow! Surprising!)

After which I still remember the last 3 day in PLAB. It was like fighting in a war... You watched your comrades "shot down" one by one in front of your eyes. A company of heroes, reduced in size one by one... We have about 15 people who are chosen to stay in PLAB, and was removed from the crowd. We've got about 20 people taken away after the 2nd day. Mental pressure is high. We are wondering when will it be our turn... Then it was the 3rd day when I receive the announcement that I'll be posted to Air Force School. You know, at that time I was like "What the **** is AFS? O_o??" Just put us there and get over with it... -_-

We packed our stuff and moved out to the "collection" point. LTA Soh from AFS fetch us over to AFS for briefing. I was surprised at how the management goes. Cause it was simple, clear-cut and vague. I absorb as much as I can before we are told to go home 15 mins later. Finally the long wait is over...

And the road to ORD...

So my job now is simple, do duty everyday and wait for ORD. My hatred over FDS still stays. I always thinking about whether the reason that I have to do guard duty everyday, is due to the fact that I didn't even do a single guard duty in Tekong? I feel like talking to no one when I entered my new unit. I just wanna finish my duty and go home... But it was the people from my shift who taught me stuff after stuff. There isn't a unit without internal conflict, however the conflict is there to realize on each other and build up the bond we had with each other. Also for me, it's to spice up what we are doing cause it's really boring job... REALLY... Gosh...

I remembered telling someone about how time passes so fast if you're looking backward, and how time passes so slow if you're looking forward... It's true... It's enjoyable looking backwards at how fast the time have passed. From using the old gate with an OCT, to lobos helping out (2 batches), to issues on TVs, issues on management, issues on internal conflict, issues on chao gengs and mcs... it was hilarious ^_^;;

So after serving the nation for 2 years and 2 months, including serving Air Force School for 1 year and 6 months, this is the stuff that I received from them. I was rated very good in both conduct and performance. But I heard a certain person gotten excellent for both. So conclusion is... another lesson in life learnt for me ^_^;;

My advise for those who're still serving NS, do not look forward, you'll make your life miserable. Just make everyday a day you'll remember, cause when you look back, time will eventually passed by fast.

My advise for those who haven't served NS, don't worry. It's not scary at all... time will passed very fast(if you only following my method). The time when you're scared out is the time when you approach your ORD. Cause at that time, alot of responsibility will be pushed to you all at once...

My final advise for those who haven't served NS, AND those who haven't received their posting...

This is my message to you...

If you genna posted to Field Defence Squadron in Air Force bases (any base)…


Sunday, October 01, 2006

[Anime] Japanese Kaisai Lesson No.1 - Kanina ^_^;;

Alright, here comes the japanese lesson from anime. As you know, kansai dialect origins from Osaka. And their language sounds similar to our chinese dialect.


Meaning can be deceiving. If you happen to bump into an "Osaka-jin", dun be agitated by their way of apologizing. "Kanina" is their way of apologizing. What? You don't believe me? Then I have 2 evidence from here. One is from School Rumble Season 2, and another is Mai Hime.

Next time if you accidentally did something wrong to you or anyone close to you, just one "kanina" will do the job ^_^ For example, if someone kills you/you killed someone in Dota, just "kanina" him will do... It's friendly game anyway XD

Friday, September 08, 2006

[Life] From boy to men Part 2

Gratz to Terrix whom is taking on the road to be a man this coming saturday (in fact tml)! BMTC's waiting for you dude!

I'll try to post more photos for tml. Hopefully it'll turn out fine!

Next event will be Kefka's POP. That'll be on the 13th September. Such eventful week!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

[Anime] Anime Engrish 1 - Quarify

Lol! I just couldn't stop laughing when I watched Detective Academy Q episode 11, when I come across this...

Q stands for quarify! LOL!


Friday, September 01, 2006

[Life] A very outdated report book

While searching for my terribly-lost passport, I came over this stuff which brings me memories of the past. Or nightmare perhaps?

It was the final (2nd) year of my kindergarten progress report, attached with a class photo during our graduation. It was like 16 years ago man.

Alexandra Kindergarden Kindergarten Class 2(?) - 1990

I don't remember much of the classmates anymore. Except some, who impressed me with their funny looks but supercomputer brains, and some who scarred my memories so much, I feel like killing forgetting them.

And tracing myself in the photo is easy man, because as far as I remember, I do not like my own face while I was young. So, it’s simple to find a face you feel like punching with.

There he is, a punching bag!

Not to mention how much I got bullied last time, not by my classmate but by my teachers, whom I don't even remember who are they now (lucky them). Most of the people would like to search for their old friends, but for me, I'd rather forget them. Kindergarten is just one part of the dark times of my life...

Looking at the results is just another interesting fact for me (laugh). Cause the results is so outdated and inaccurate, I simply went speechless and of course, don't even mind a little about releasing to anyone who happen to come across it. I'll go through every single results shown, clarifying why it's wrong and the right way to get graded with As.

I just love this responsibility contradiction comparing to what I received from National Service

Attendance (A): You can just ignore the attendance. It's "A" cause I attended most of the class, if not all. Cause a cane is just waiting outside the school for me.
Helpfulness (B): I was surprise that I graded B for helpfulness. Comparing to those seat-rooted idiots, I'm the only one who is willing to help the only disabled guy in my class.
Willingness to share (B): Good job on rating me B. I thought I should be rated C. The reason why they grade me B is because, during "games" period, where they pour a large chunk of "LEGO" in the middle of the circle of 6-7 children, who is suppose to "snatch" these toys to construct something. Since I'm shy at that time, I'm totally loses out to those hyenas. Maybe that's what you call "sharing".
Eagerness to Mix (A): Yea, you can say I'm pretty hyperactive at that time. But to be frank, the best way to kill time is to talk. And at that time I don't even like to listen to what teachers have to say. Cause they are teaching what I've learnt. But well, I would not call it obedient though lol. Mixing with those smarties is a definitely NO though.
Contribution to Group (A) & Responsibility (C): Why am I putting this 2 together? Simply enough, those mofos don't listen during a group discussion. Either they go “err... ehh... erm... ah... oh...” or they just don’t listen to you and do their own stuff (Reminds me of my SIT test during BMT). Making you so pissed off, you just go... “Fine, do what you guys want. I'll do it myself...” Maybe that's how this results turn out. Moral of this short story: Work with people you can work with. Cause people that you can't work with, just can't...

Am I the absolute candidate to open The Pandora’s Box?

Initiative (C) & Sense of Security (C): This grading system is so funny, I couldn’t even stop looking at it just for one. How do you actually judge someone's sense of security? The initiative and sense of security is so such that, "Ok boys, think of a way to die...". Then, to get grade A for both, you just need to walk up to the window, open it up (Remember, don't try this at home) and jump off (cause you have a good sense of secure by jumping out of that hell hole). Other than that, this 2 grading is probably one of the worst graded one. [By talking about my NS vocation, I wouldn't have posted to RP then... Damn, I should have shown them this grade for the excuse!]

Power of observation (C) & Ability to Concentrate (C): For the concentration part, see above (Eagerness to Mix). And if my observation is so bad, then how can I make such an accurate comments now, after 16 years? Lol... Oh! Remember, superman should has S grade for power of observation. Oh... Cyclopes from X-Men too...

Curiosity (A): Just for once they are right! I’m very curious on anything man! I mean everything! From the TV (who cares about the show? I cared about how they manage to get it up there!), to what’s under those girl’s skirt desk. Heck, I’m even curious about why the "principal" always hide in her room and never ever get out to talk to us even once, except to punish. I’m just curious about anything, and I believe it’s good. How to get an absolute A? Go to HowStuffWorks whenever you're in doubt. Even so if your parents do not want to answer your question regarding something sensitive, you'll guarantee find your answers there.

Respect for rights/properties of others (B)/for authority(B): I don't steal, I asked others for permission before I actually borrow stuffs from others, and I get B for this. Too ordinary perhaps. Maybe next time I should bring it in front of the teacher to actually asked by kneeling and probably providing a "tearful" moment to beg for an eraser? That'll give me an A for sure. Respect for authority again, brings me to mentioning the cane. Alright, once and for all, I'll clarify. I graduated from a children SM house, where they'll whip you if you misbehave. How's this? Lol. The cane is the ultimate weapon there, it's like Emperor's sword (上丰宝剑). The cane will not hesitate to be served if you misbehave just a little. Cool huh? To get A? Be the one who delivers the punishment...

Politeness (B): I got a B, just for greeting everyone I met on the way, despite my shyness. Well, I can't say much on this one. It's human self. I can get C, I can get A, depend on whether I'm uncomfortable or not. To get A, be a japanese ^_^. ありがとう here ありがとう there might help.


Sense of right and wrong (B): Sensing right and wrong can be judged too in kindergarten! How? They just keep claiming you’re wrong. If you confessed, you get A. If you deny first then confess, you get B. If you confess first then deny you get C. If you deny, you get D. Why? Because something had happen to my mathematics result at that time, and I'll explain later. It indirectly affects this result. To get A? Just say yes to everything teacher ask you. That's why I hate smart student, cause they love to pleased teacher and far too much. Talking about a pair of clean boots... (or for Chinese, a very loud horse butt spanking)

Response to love and beauty (B): Oh my god, that contributes to the "WTF??!!" in the picture. They can even judge your response! Oh my god! And I do not know why am I graded B. I bet those face-stiffen smarties would get very bad results for this but NO, they gotten A. Damn. I've been wondering how to get A for this ever since I first saw this.

Maybe to get A for this, you need a response like this just by looking at those girls?

Thank the teachers in whatever they are doing in an extremely cute way?

Or play Broke Back Mountain, the ultimate way of showing your response to beauty and love!

Whatever got to do with results, I'll get C for sure(probably from the pissing off of those teachers). But numbers prove them wrong!

Here comes the trouble. The results which I've been scored at, starting from English.

You know, those "A, B, C" stuff, probably they mark it by my handwriting. I've got a very bad handwriting since young and I'd prefer to actually type than write. So probably they overlooked my answer as something else. However, I'm confident that at that time, my score was higher than that. Probably around 95? For Chinese, the score is about there. My Chinese has never been good till secondary 4, the year I fall in love with Chinese poetry. By then I've got ½ *beep* mandarin knowledge. But luckily, manage to survive. Though, I still don't like the way Chinese was taught last time.

As for mathematics, I'm so confident of myself, that I can say at that time I'd have scored 100. So where did the other 20 marks gone to? Ah... I went for toilet break when I'm about to finish the paper, and guess what? My friend (beside me) handed up the paper! And it wasn't time yet! Best of all, the teacher do not want to return me my paper to finish it. I screwed my friend for this, but he claimed that the teacher ordered him to pass up my paper.

I approached the teacher and the principal regarding this. The teacher says that I voluntarily handed up the paper before I go for toilet. What nonsense! I argued about the incident, and they don't believe me. Best of all, this is a perfect place to talk to teacher, while they are holding a cane. Therefore after deny, I confessed. That's how I get B for the results above. (sense of right and wrong)

Now what's with this man? Talking about lousy and attitude teacher at this era, that makes it into the newspaper, spare a thought of the children of the past, who suffers more, from those notorious teachers, those demons. May they be banished into the deepest hell! be condemned!

Teacher: “No sense of art and craft, and bad at singing!

Hey, you know, this could be true man! I don't like singing, but I enjoy music. I don't like drawing, but I appreciate paintings. I don't like making craft, but I'm playing warcraft III! interested in engineering stuff! So how true and accurate can your kindergarten report is?

Teacher: Has shown some improvement (innerself: damn, I've got to keep my job, or his parents will complain to MOE, and I'll be condemned! But he pissed me off a lot. So to relieve my own anger, I wrote...) A playful boy.

If I were my own parent last time, I'd have told her off, "If you want to say my son is naughty, just say. Which kids in this world are not playful?" And indeed, that's what most of the parents of other kids defended for me. The "playful" part is funny. If I ever go back to time, I'll get A for everything, praised by my teacher all the time, and pull her underwear down at the very last day in that school. Sweet revenge! Those were the dark days man...

Nevertheless, it's just a small fragment of my past, and I'm not bothered by it at all. There were people who loves to look at these data and take advantage of it for some fruitless purposes. I welcome him/her to use it, because it's so inaccurate, I chuckled every time I read over this post of my blog. LOL!

Friday, August 25, 2006

[Anime] Noein - Mou Hitori no Kimi e

Just finished watching this 24 Episodes anime, Noein - Mou Hitori no Kimi e.

As I'm pretty busy nowadays, I don't have time to actually write a full, nicely constructed review of it. I'll spend more time on the upcoming anime blog by me and Lumiere. So I'll keep it short here.

It was a great anime. At first, I judged the anime by it's drawing. It totally turns me off with pencils. Then, something attracted my attention. It's about space again, thsi time it's about time space. I've been interested in how time works since I've first came across an article about black holes. Not to mention, visualising how it works is virtually impossible.

However, this fictional animation actually puts it into visual. By emphasizing some realistic theory about quantum physics, and of course with some fictional stories, it spices up my interest. An anime which keeps me in front of the monitor since Mai Hime.

Some theories are used in the anime, and it certainly deserved to be thought over. Stuff like Many World Interpretation, which is seen that the universe is branching off into a series of infinite probabilities, and Copenhagen Interpretation,which suggested that an observer/measurement is important to determine the decoherency of the probablity, are explained throughout the anime.

Watch it and develop some questions to ask yourself about your otherself. Everything down to one if you can't find any answer. You are yourself, you are here now. It doesn't matter what you are in the past or in the future, you are what you are now. At least this has always being one of my personal mottos after all ^_-

Thursday, August 24, 2006

[Space] IAU meeting - 8 Planets in the solar system!

Friends and relatives who know me long enough will know that I've been interested in space, and it's stuff since I was young, though I've never made the effort to actually study the math behind it. However, fasinating can be deciving, just as I thought there would be more planets around the sun, never realising the "politics" behind it.

And here, at this time, 2240HR GMT+8, I waited patiently for the result of what could be noted as the revolution of the definition of the word "planet", and the number of those in our solar systems.

I'll update as things go on, and will be sorting out chronological order.

As far as you guys know, our solar system use to have 10 planets, but at 1800, Ceres is removed from the title of "planets", and here we are again, discussing the reinvitation of the forgotten...

From left, Sun-Mercury-Venus-Earth-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto, drawn to scale

This picture is about to be changed...

2316HR - Information indicating that Pluto is out of the solar system. I'm checking the live webfeed of the conference now. It seems they've finished discussing about the planets.

2329HR - CNN had already shown the "bad" news already. Though I couldn't believe it, I'm gonna face the reality later... Farewell, Pluto...

2332HR - I did some research on the new resolution of the planet. It seems like Wiki update pretty on time. They've redefine the planets into 3 types. The Classical planet, Plutonian object and Dwarf planet. Check it out if you've the time or you have your "Pandora's Box" symptom.

2343HR - The webcast has shutted down after the closing ceremony of the IAU meeting. According to the schedule, they should have a press conference at 0000HR GMT+8. I'll be waiting...

2349HR - Last update for this post. I've found the official statement of the voting results. And it seems whatever news I received is true. A copy-and-paste statement of the results are as follows:

The IAU therefore resolves that "planets" and other bodies in our Solar System be defined into three distinct categories in the following way:

(1) A "planet"1 is a celestial body that (a) is in orbit around the Sun, (b) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape, and (c) has cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit.

(2) A "dwarf planet" is a celestial body that (a) is in orbit around the Sun, (b) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape2 , (c) has not cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit, and (d) is not a satellite.

(3) All other objects3 except satellites orbiting the Sun shall be referred to collectively as "Small Solar-System Bodies".

1The eight planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
2An IAU process will be established to assign borderline objects into either dwarf planet and other categories.
3These currently include most of the Solar System asteroids, most Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs), comets, and other small bodies.

IAU Resolution: Pluto


The IAU further resolves:
Pluto is a "dwarf planet" by the above definition and is recognized as the prototype of a new category of trans-Neptunian objects.1

A pretty sad day for me, but well, a new knowledge to myself, and a new way to teach the future generation that "WE HAVE 8 PLANETS!".

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[Life] Left the camp! A battle to fight!

Finally I've left the camp. The place where I worked for 1 year plus. Underpaid though, pretty happy however... Life goes on. I wish all the best to my fellow ex-collegues.

The battle...
Now here comes the real battle. The plucking of wisdom tooth. I'm totally prepared, listened to experience by others, "image-practice" the pain, whatever I can do I've done. Now I'm gonna embark onto the road to war and WILL update this as often as possible.

Feeling pretty good after a bath. Looking at the time passes by, I'm getting ready to go for this. 1 weeks of MC followed by another week of 'no solid' food, it seems pretty inevitable now. But I've gotta go, or else it'll become worse. The path to be mentally ready isn't easy and I'm glad I'm ready up to this point. The appointment is on 1430hr @ NDC. I wonder will I be late? As promised, I'd like to take photos of the process however, I could not get the permission from the dentist. So I'll just "homemake" one. This is my cheek at D-Day -3hrs.

I wonder how it look like after the operation?

Just had lunch with Terrix. Of course, I ordered my "Last Lunch" before enduring temptation for the next 2 weeks. Oh...

Title: The Last Lunch(Char Kway Teow w/ Mango Longan)

Come to think of it makes me sad... T_T

Setting off to war. Hopefully I'll survive to see another day...

Here's my appointment. I entered the clinic with a heavy heart. Looking up at the sign...

Aiya don't think too much lah...

Yea, I shouldn't think too much. Just go...

Dentist update me that I need not to pluck it out now. Phew! Here's the explaination why...

Mine belongs to the vertical impaction type

1) Vertical erruption. It's not threatening now. The pain which gave me problem close to a month ago, is not giving me problem now. I could brush it with ease.

2) As the tooth is currently still in the gum, the root is closer to the sinus than if it's errupted completely. Removing it now may pose a problem to the sinus.

3) It's easier to pluck it out if it's errupted completely.

The above 3 points is what me and the dentist came in agreement to...

4) I'm afraid of the pain >_< (I didn't told him this...)

5) The dentist is YAWNING all the way throughout the consultation! If I plan to remove it now, half-way he yawn, I mati ("death" for malay).

There you go... all the "WAR PREPARATION" things for nothing lol. And so much for my last lunch. I'll need to pray for it to grow for the next 6 months as my next appointment brings me to next year.

It's in the afternoon again... STOP YAWNING DENTIST!

All the best to me then ^_-

Thursday, August 10, 2006

[Life] NDP dinner 2006 @ Tanglin Halt

Woo... my first time participating in this so-called National Day dinner around my neighbourhood 2 days ago (8th Augest, 2006). You know, those that involved in VIPs and Members of the Parliament...

Of course, I'll not be commenting on anything related to the government over here as it's sensitive. But just to add though, my area's MP look promising...

Immediately after Mr. Baey's arrival, we had our 1st dish (see the pictures below, less the 1st one... It's peanut...)

Food sucks, nothing more...

I do not really want to comment about the food. Don't force me... words like "TASTELESS", "HORRENDOUS"... Ops, I leaked some. Anyway, it's just horrible.

And the performance is nowhere near interesting too. Noisy, irritating lights who love to aim right at my eyes, and of course sitting around with people we do not know, are some of the views from your "dear sincerely" pessimist.

The "self-proclaimed" Thai Prince. Or Thai Peacock?

The auctions are nowhere near interesting too. 6 Golden dogs for the rich to bid. In my oppinion, the most interesting part of this show is to look at those regretful facial expression from those winners while they walked up towards the stage. Lol! So much for pushing the price up...

Oh yes, not to mention the K2 futures of Singapore reciting 3-words sutra (三字經). Before I research on it, the only thing on my mind when I see this is "CCB! CCB! CCB!..." But no, not the foul language version but the PROPER version. Mind you, they finished it. Yes, they did. And for you guys who do not know how long the poet is, check this out.

Performance goes like "人之初" *bounce* "性本善" *bounce*... you got the idea?

However it was so messy, we couldn't figure out if they are chanting correctly or not. Just then, my dad provided me with his version of it.



Thursday, July 27, 2006

[Life] Wisdom tooth date sets to pluck! Leaving the camp too!

It's a great feeling to be able to post a new post in this blog of mine. It's an appreciation to my lifeless life that actually, I have a life and I'm glad I do.

Wisdom Tooth sets to pluck in...

Finally I've gotten a date for the plucking of my wisdom tooth. Ever since the X-ray scan last year, which surprises me that I have only 1 wisdom tooth, it has always thrilled me on how this wisdom tooth shit works. And I feel it like 3 weeks ago. Oh my *beep* god it hurts! It hurts as if your gums are rotting, it feels like you're cursed by some unknown forces that force your mouth shut. It's a bad feeling.

Well, I've finally decide to pluck it out after it starts to give me problem (Advise: Pluck your wisdom tooth out before it gives you problem, cause if not, it'll give you greater problems.)

I went to the dentist today, after booked for an appointment like 2 weeks ago. The dentist made a through check on my wisdom tooth, and advised me to pluck. Of course she also checked on my other teeth and mentioned that my teeth are clean ( O_o?? ). I mean, I know that my teeth could be one of the worse place on earth, by the words of the dentist from my primary school. Oh my god, she resembles WWF's Isaac Yankem DDS (now WWE, and of course, now Kane). But phobia otherwise, I respect the professionalism of the doctors and dentists in Singapore.

Finally, after pay $12 for reasons that I do not know, I gotten the referal letter to pain-free! A BIG relief from my stress!

Pain-free... just a call away...

Of course, after getting mentally ready, I picked up the phone and dial away... After waited for like 5 mins, I made an appointment for wisdom tooth. However, the party on the other side like kinda disbelieve. I mean, is there anything to suspect?

I believe I'm not so blind to give calls to fax machine right?

My appointment is on the 16th of Augest, 1 day after my last duty in my camp. Oh wait, that belongs to the next column! O_O

It's the final countdown...

ORD ORH! Not really, however finally I'm about to bring my hardship to an end. My NS life! Here's a short summary about my NS life... (If you'd like to skip this nonsense, scroll down!)

18th Augest, 2004. The day where I step into this reality world from my virtual, the day where I turned myself into a man, or is it? The day where I first step into the army life. NS life can never be as fun as life in BMT. The backstab (and dodging of course), the fun, the joy, the cock things pple do, the funny way of screwing by instructors and lots more... It was a great time for me. Although you can see from my BMT complain blog, as time goes by, my morale drops. Nevertheless, BMT is the best time of my NS life. Gryphone Platoon 2, section 4 bed 7. For brothers in arms, comrades for life! Semper Fi! Do or Die! Gung Ho! Gung Ho! Gung Ho!

13th December, 2004. The day where I posted into PLAB, FDS. Field Defence Squadron, sounds very garang to me. However, I'm already demoralised into a tiny ikan bilis after researching about my vocation even days before posting into it. Simply to say, my vocation is... RP...

For christ sake, this will be the last time I'm gonna emphasize on this. I hate RP, I hate RP more than other vocation. I hate RP ever since the first day I saw them (refer to the earlier date). And I swore I'll never ever want to be like them. And here I am... Karma... -_-;;

Training was tough, I hate turnouts. I hate the CSM 1SG John, who screams like barking of a dog and ask us doing senseless things. PC Cheng, who did punish us for stuffs and like that, is more respectable cause he's doing his duty. Nevertheless, I'm in Platoon 4. It was a time where I never believe that I could be so superstitious in my whole life. I believed that platoon 4, being the last platoon, is always isolated but always strong.

In fact, I was right, half though. We are the most-loved, most-garang, most crazy type platoon in that FDS batch. Lead by platoon sgt 3SG Dennis (who seems like bo chap but had blocked for us alot of arrows), 3SG Lai (the garang one who didn't seems satisfied enough to pump us 190+ times per evening, thanks to you, I gotten my first silver in IPPT! And probably will never be able to!), 3SG Jacky, who remained professional as a specialist by not giving us exact clue of when is the turn out.

Most of all, I've gotta thank to my platoon mates, those who've gave me problems, those who hated me, those who forgotten about me, those who cared about me, those who praise me, and so on. Thank you. My achievement including a 31/32 score for my ATP (AR15). I'm glad I could shoot as well as my elder sister (what my mum claimed, as the sharpshooter).

3rd March, 2006. I've posted to Air Force School as an RP. A small place, a pleasant environment. Working here was enjoyable, working with staffs that you'll never thought it could be possible. Ranking from PTE to COL, ranging from useless crap jobs to crucial jobs.

I could say, I have gain valuable experience on working environment that will help me in the outside world. Of course, I'd like to thank my shift personnel, those who are still fighting for us, and have fought for us, a big thank you!

Last duty on 15th Augest. I'll be concentrating on finding jobs now.

Oh yes, and I can apply for my japanese course too!

Friday, July 14, 2006

[Soccer] Zidane facing trial, Materazzi facing disciplinary action...

Alright, here's the showdown between the 2 stars who scored during world cup finals, which tie at 1-1 after full time and extra time.

According to the latest report, Zidane firmly stands at Materazzi provoked him into that world-stunning action, while Materazzi denys it, further claims that Zidane's his hero, he won't do that.

But media has been merciless to Zidane, for the press in my country, he's not spared... However, we only look at the action but do we know what exactly Materazzi did? If that's the case, will you be surprise to see a reowned person for example, Kelvin Tan (The blind singer) headbutt someone in Orchard? (Not a good example but you get the idea?)

But is the media really that merciless? Look at the perfect example of what Materazzi did previously to other players...

We'll know the results after their trial by FIFA on 20th July. Meanwhile, enjoy this extremely funny movie I found from Youtube...

Update!!! Zidane and Matterazi both get away with a fine and suspension. As Zidane retired, he's to do a 3 day community service. WTF? If only Singapore law is also that lenient...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

[Anime] Seiyuu in action!

Lol, as of me, I learn a great deal (though not enough) of things about Seiyuu (voice actor) for the anime. For 1, they've unique voices, for 2, they look ugly (except for some), for 3, their timing is excellant. Now, I learnt that usually (for anime, it's for sure) for dubbing, you dubbed over video. That is to say, the producer plays the video, and you dub according to what the video plays. That's ALOT of work for the timing...

For amateur seiyuus, they may need to use finger/hand to count, while others (most, in fact. Nobody will find a japanese wierd by nodding right?) using nodding to count.

But look at the crew of Bleach seiyuus... Their timing... omg...

You can identify them according to the character they play. But Rukia appears at the very end of the video scene.

Oh, and I'm not into Youtube hunting :D I just happen to come across them while searching for seiyuu. They are unique, unlike the one in my country... sigh...

Lol, listen to the disappointment of the fans when the voice actor of Renji didn't come out his zabimaru... Other than that, I find it's a typical seiyuu's interview, and in my oppinion, it's a very normal "cast interview" type of show. But come on, I gotta confess, they took it well. And for that, *thumbs up*

However, do not get affected by watching it lol... I remembered when I watched the latest Bleach episode last night, my mind was totally concentrating on how they dub (of course, the face of the voice actors), I completely forgotten to pay attention to the story. In the end, I gotta rewatch again lol... Dun let this happen to you...

[Anime] Naruto Filler... is it going to end?

Before I begin this post, I'd like to clarify that these information are not from me, but rather from those hard core anime fans, who surprises me again and again according to their studies, as if there's such thing as PhD for Anime... They do really surprises me...

As far as I know, ever since the last time I heard that "Naruto's filler gonna end!!!", I know it won't... However, it seems more promising now... why?

1) "An anime fillers wouldn't last a season!" myth has busted. Currently, naruto is surviving with 2 seasons of filler, as of current (EP 192). But what about "An anime fillers wouln't last more than 2 seasons!" myth? Currently, it seems like it's finishing season 8. Will the beginning of the 9th season be a filler? Or will it go back to the manga? We'll only know when ep 204 (aired somewhere September-October) is out.

2) "Naruto movie 3 is going to get boycott!" myth. Since the movie 3 has not aired in Japan cinema, nobody can confirm on this. However, I can say it's gonna get busted. As far as I know, other than a few sum of Japan teens who did sickened by those filler, majority of the Naruto supporters do enjoy both the manga and the anime. Of course, those unhappy boys and girls including myself, who only watch anime, and didn't bother to read the manga. However, boycotting Naruto movie 3 might bring an impact to the anime maker. They'll know that they are doing more harm than good while continuing showing us nonsense from those fillers. Little did they know they are driving fans away, slowly but surely.

3) "The filler is used to chase away the fans from other country who dled Naruto!" myth. It's kinda stupid. I wonder who indeed thought of that, other than those I saw on some forums. For Christ sake, would you like to make your product bad and sell it just for the sake of chasing away those immitations from the market? You'll lose alot of customers, doing more harm than you. This myth is confirmed busted

4) "The filler is actually doing more good than harm to the anime" myth. It's confirmed. A good example of doing harm than good if the anime exceeds the manga will be Rurouni Kenshin. It screwed up at ep 92, thanks to the anime maker. Consequences of Naruto if it continues the anime without pulling a gap from manga, then we will have nothing to watch already... So glad that the anime maker spare a thought of the anime. However, I'd appreciate if the anime maker spare a thought for us too. We've endured nonsense for 1 year already. Most of us have turned teens by then (exception for some, you know who *roll eyes*)...

5) Last but not least, "The fillers gonna end! They say so!/I heard it!/Some say so!/Whatsoever your grandpa grandma say so!" myth... Pls die, we no need your vague nonsense here. NPNT idiot!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

[Life] Reason why wisdom teeth needs to be removed... Hirano Aya!

"Wisdom teeth are generally thought to be called "wisdom teeth" because they appear so late—much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are supposedly wiser than as a child, when the other teeth erupt."

Indeed, mine occurs at 22, and it hurts... Wait a min, am I still a teen?

Well, other than that, I got a darn diarrhea in the early morning. I was sleeping and dreaming then I realise that, hey, I'm sleeping in a prone position. It's ok, just sleep, till I got a terrible stomachache resembling diarrhea, then I was like "Oh damn, not again..." Went there, prrrrrraaaaaak, and settle coming back to sleep. Then again after 30 min...

I thought it might be the damn air con that "chills" me, so I went outside the warmer living room to sleep, and there goes nothing... the 3rd time... I gave up, I submitted to having going back that "hell hole" to get medication. A wait of 2 hours, a nightmare for me but I've got no choice. In fact, I haven't go while writing this blog, cause my GUMS is giving me problem! What's wrong with my body!!!!!

Something irrelavant, some interesting things I found in the net, apparently while surfing An interview with voice actor of Suzumiya Haruhi! Omg... Moe! Btw, hope that there's more such interview of those voice actors. Dun be surprise that she sounds different from what she sounds in the anime. Most of the voice actors is like that, that's why they are call "VOICE TALENT" you chum!

*Translation of the conversation is of below, courtesy of*

p>EDIT: the inverview was really interesting, so I translated it.

H = Hamada, M = Matsumoto, A = Aya.

H: So you are still in college?
A: That's right!!
M: Your voice is completely different from what we've heard earlier.
A: This is how I normally sound.
H: You are 18 now, but I've heard you were in the show business since you were 9?
A: Yes.
M: You've been in this world for a surprisingly long time.
H: You were a voice actress since 14.
M: But can you really become a voice actress at 14 even if you wanted to?
A: I always loved anime, so I told my manager I wanted to become a voice actress... What's with that disgusted face?!
H/M: We are listening, we are listening...
A: So I asked her to find an audition for me.
H: So you can use your voice.
A: But I can have a voice completely different than this.
H: You can? So what kind of voice?
A: "You can't do that, Hamada-san."(OMG... ^^)
H: That's amazing. And you are giving fans nicknames?
A: That's right!
H: That's unheard of.
A: After getting in contact with those people, we formed a strong bond, so I thought I should remember those names from time to time.
H: So they contacted you?
A: That's right.
H/M: So what kind of nicknames did you give them?
A: Something like "stripe glove".
H: What kind of guy is it?! I want to find out about that first!! Why is he a stripe glove!?
A: Then there is Rasukaru-san...(rasukaru = rascal)
H: Rasukaru-san!?
A: and Ragaa-san who wears a rugged shirt, and others...(ragaa = rugged)
M: So they are all stripe guys!
H: How about making some nicknames for us?
M: You serious?
A: OK, for Hamada-san... because he's Hamada... so, second lieutenant Hamatisu.
H: Yes! Ma'm!
H: Thank you!
A: Thank you!
H: Now it's Matsumoto-san's turn.
A: Since you are second lieutenant. So, captain Matsumotiinu!
M: I'm in a big hurry today, so can I leave early?

And of course, last but not least...

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

[Anime] The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi!

Woo hoo! I've finished it and my comment is short and sweet... "Short" and "Sweet"...

In fact, the deleted review of mine, I've already "see good" on this anime already. The cuteness, fancy type voice acting (Yes! I'm refering to you Mikuru-chan~~~ <3), the "oh my god" effect that came in when you thought "omg not another boring school anime". It's just fantastic.

And not to mention the multi-dimentional type of anime where episodes order is messed up. Well, not really... It's arranged in a way where, you can choose to watch the order which it was arranged, or chronologically when it was aired in Japan. In my opinion, watch chronologically first, and enjoy, then rewatch it as the "original" episodes order. It'll spice up your experience in watching this OMFG-KAWAII, OMFG-FUSHIGI anime!

My last words for this anime is, I dun think it'll have any part 2 despite the "cliff hanging type" of ending. This anime shows enough so much, it nearly changed my religion to haruhism! LOL! It kicks!

All the best to those who'll watch it. However, for those who seeks action, pls die elsewhere ^_-

PS: For the sake of those who did not know which episode is what, or for those lazy bum who dun wish to figure out by researching... On the left, is arrange chronologically, which is the number you'll see on the name of the file. On the right is the number which indicates the actual episode.

01 -> 11
02 -> 01
03 -> 02
04 -> 07
05 -> 03
06 -> 09
07 -> 08
08 -> 10
09 -> 14
10 -> 04
11 -> 13
12 -> 12
13 -> 05
14 -> 06

Thursday, June 29, 2006

[Life] I'm home! A week of events... Am I alive?

Finally I'm back home after staying in for 1 day in my camp followed by 2 days of duty! I feel like I'm been released from Changi Prison for any crime I committed to land in the jail.

Many things happened last week. Some are frustrating, some are sad, some are just pure stupidity... There are matters which made me shout "You may take away my life, but you'll never take away my freedom!" in the center of the world, there are matters which made me sad that I drop my tears... sigh, I'm in a loop.

Anyway, it seems like I'm under a serious depression behind my smile. Strangely, if I can identify my own depression, why can't I do anything about it? I don't know, I only know it does more harm than good to my body and I can't do anything about it. It seems my soul and my body are de-sync, seriously de-sync. I need help, but my body fought over the urge to. I'm in a dillema... I'm in trouble, yet I'm standing strong, fought over this mental war. Me oh me, who is the real me? The one who love everything and everyone, and got bullied, or the one who hate everything and everyone, and stand tall? I've no faith in any god, yet I studied about it. I've believed in god, yet I doubt over it for others. I'm in conflict of my otherself. Wait, who am I now? Me or me...?

Anyway, I'll still remain as myself, the sync part. I'll continue to do whatever I need to do and what I enjoy to do... That's myself... But it doesn't matter anymore... It'll be over, this indecisiveness of me...

To the whoever I want to see this blog (wait, I'm not refering to a girl and no, I'm not gay, but this msg is important.)
Person 1: Pls take your time to rest during the break, you need one... I understand your sadness over the recent matters. I just can't console you by any words cause I know, words can't heal. I shed my tears over others, for the 2nd time in my whole 22 years of life. Cause I'm sad for you and I'm afraid too... Pls... get over it... for the sake of yourself, your family and me... Enjoy your holiday and come back to us as a healthy and optimistic regular again. Aim to be the top, to be a WO, and a good WO...

Person 2: Time goes on, life changed... Time changed, life goes on... I still remember the first time I met you in one of the server when you and that CL invited me to be in the clan. I was then like, "Oh, fine... At least finally I can find some friends inside the game." I was so happy then, stressless boy who finished his O'Level, who finished his filthy life in that sec sch devil den and finally enjoyed the heavenly peace in the poly. I got to know these fine people, those whom I worth to be called "brothers". Recent incident was a sad one. It reminded me of the past when I was been seriously backstabbed by a "best-friend" whom I always thought to look after, to give him whatever he needs (as he's disabled), and guide him the right path (not to go be ah beng... going out any ruined his future)... Sadly, I failed to do so... I didn't managed to do it. I've been threatened by his friend not to visit him again. It was frustrating, it was embarressing. I went home like a loser, lose to a bunch of devils... I gave up... Several months later, I realise that he was deserted by those devils, and he left with no friends, yet I did not head back to him. Being as evil as I am, I had believed that I did what I suppose to do and that's it. End of line... For you, you've your friends, you have your new buddies in the circle. That's good for you... However, frustration behind the betrayed of my trust for brother is the same as my best friend in the gaming circle, once broken, never recover again... and to think it's thrice... I've no thanks, I've no sorry... That's the end... if you understand me of my point, then live on as if you did not know me in the first place... Cause it's over... all the best in your life too...

Person 3: The one I respected cause of your role in the clan. You handled everything by yourself, thus earned my respect. However I'm sorry to disappoint you that my aim since I joined has never been to the top. I joined for the sake of the person 2 I mentioned above. I've been asking myself why I joined in the first place, cause I wanna prove that I'm not a cheater, and I wanna be together with my brother. But time passed, things changed. I'm unable to do so. I'm always wanna be as a part of the family, however I couldn't do so. Unable to do so... Trying my best but always hit the wall, and I identified the wall as my aim, the very wrong aim from the beginning. It was a wise choice that you agreed to the decision made, and I'm happy that you did it. You did what a CL suppose to do, and I respect you till the very end. I thank you for wasting your time on me, a worthless addition to the clan, and sorry about it... All the best, may you guys aim for the top...

VIP(s): When's the feast? I'm free again... and this time, it's a big destressing feast :D Reply me asap...

That's all for the long entry... back to my photographing...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[News] Anime Blog Removed!

Yea, it's true, I've removed the anime blog due to lack of update lol. I don't think I can concentrate on doing a whole review of those anime I haven't finish (15 exactly), so therefore I'm gonna put my full concentration on the combined episode guide with Lumiere. Therefore I'm removing my own personal anime blog.

Don't worry, it'll be up soon, not that I'm worrying that you're worrying... (pun)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

[Quiz] So dark the con of man...

Well, after reading and watching the story created by Dan Brown, I kinda inspired by the way he jumbled up the words and treat it as if someone could be so smart to decrypt it. So here goes, try decrypt mine.

Cat realizes c.svon in uk

No shit, this original message is what I'd like to shout it out loud at this very moment... Let's see who are the smart one around.

PS: pls ignore the .

EDIT: Answer is "National Service Sucks"

I know, I'm damn lifeless, if I've life, my blogs will be filled up everyday man... NS makes you lifeless, that's why we have "Life" day you see? To reassure that we still have life...

Will be back updating about my life soon...

Friday, June 02, 2006

[Life] From boy to man...

"After packing up my gears, I greet my mum good bye. Then, I embarked upon the great crusade which I've striven for many years." is what might be in his mind at that time but Kef (aka Thomas) embarked on his journey to be a man today!

Kef, the one who seeks for truth to be a man...

The "last supper" was pretty plentiful for the 4 of us, including Kef's friend (gf? Maybe? I dunno) and it consisted of dumplings specially hand-made by Kef's mum. It was delicious oh my goddess...

Don't be deceived by the picture, it’s really delicious...

After the scrumptious meal, we left the cozy house of his and left for Pasir Ris.

Did a wild bear crap in the wood, son?

Of course, with the advice by me (CPL FDS), and Tan Kiet (LCP Guards ADF), he must have made known various ways and hardships to be a man...

However, ESP doesn't work here...

Surprisingly, we caught up with Yong Ming, one of our buddies for basketball. He’s there to send Kef off too. Apparently, he came directly from school so he's holding a laptop. Nobody told him (neither do I) that it's considered a contraband items, and of course, after been caught by that No.3 Uniformed Master SGT, he've got not choice but to submit it to the guardroom.

Fu Lu Shou... Or is it the other way round?

Unfortunately, out of respect to the specialist and the officers, I am unable to take any pictures while my stay inside the tekong, however, a nostalgic feeling overwhelmed me, making me recalling of my past in Gryphon. Even I manage to spot one of the 2LT, whom is my ex company mate. Oh my goddess… time flies fast...

We proceeded to the spectator stand at the parade square while Kef proceeds the other way to "do whatever he needs to do". It was a hot afternoon and we are all drained from the ferry ride. I've no idea whether is it part of the plan or not, but it seems we witnesses a rehersal of the POP parade of various companies. Their marching is... I can say, pretty ok. But considering the facts that 5 recruits + a parent fainted on my POP (which is about 1 year + ago) and seriously injured, I don't dare to comment on their marching.

After spending about 15 mins of time there, we board the coach and arrived at the company line of Apache (A Company), after which we are given a briefing of the various location of interests including arm skote (The place I hate the most), company office etc. After which, the 2LT guided us to the annex of the company. And HOLY SHIT. It's 10, or even 20 times better than what I have at Gryphon. Let me give a pretty detailed comparison.

Pool Table: Alpha x 2, Gryphon x 0
Table Tennis Table + at least pair of bat: Alpha x 1, Gryphon x 0
TV (workable): Alpha x 1, Gryphon x 0
Items Alpha have that Gryphon don't have:
Good conditioned sofa, DVD players, workable Hi-Fi, Clean annex, decorations, trophies... I can go on for an hour talking about it...

Next we explored one of the bunk. Pretty normal to me, nothing special. Next, we explored the lecture hall. Again, nothing special (begin to get boring). After which we are guided to the training shed to look at the various equipment for 3 mins (I can't even finish walking from the sitting area to the display area cause it's simply congested. How stupid man. They guide us to the canteen and we waited for like 30 mins for the blardy trip to auditorium.

After which, they played a boring video then the talk by LTC David Lim. Then the oath and the national anthem. Then we proceed to have our dinner with Kef.

The food is by NTUC, that's why it's great. Chicken rice, simply the best and I mean it, the best "free" food I ever ate in my army life. Damn... Then we send off Kef again... I'm expecting him to cry but he didn't. Later, he passed us a gift each for thanking us to send him off. Oh my god, I gotten a handphone holder (dog). How nice...

Before we go, my ex company mate (officer) helped us took a complete photo of us.

From left: Kef's mum, Yong Ming, Kef, Tan Kiet, Me Myself, Erm... forgotten her name, and Munchy (Mun Shi)

I miss the ferry terminal... I miss the ferry...

I miss the beautiful sunset... reminds me of the time when we had our evening round-the-island jog with LT Long Ting...

But certainly, I don’t wanna go back to BMTC for BMT again... ORD ORH!

Last but not least, let me dedicate this song to Kef, all the best for your next 2 years!

Training to be soldiers,
Fight for our land.
Once in our life,
Two years of our time.
Have you ever wonder,
Why we must serve?
Because we love our land,
And we want it to be free, to be free...

Looking all around us,
People everywhere.
Children having fun,
While we are holding guns.
Have you ever wonder,
Why we must serve?
Because we love our land,
And we want it to be free, to be free...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[Life] Be a man! Do the right thing!

Gratz to Thomas AKA Kefka whom is taking on the road to be a man this coming friday! BMTC's waiting for you dude!

On the other hand, I gotten slight problems in my camp and thus I'm going to be confined till 5 pm on 1st June. Aw... It's about...

*** ... Yes, for those of you who do not know, I'm refraining myself from talking about work (work refers to anything that's outside my personal life. That includes NS, probably outside work, selling drugs lol joking...) cause stress always build up. If I'm gonna talk about work, it'll end up a rant, like my BMT complain blog.

Right, one last thing to talk about today, money. I'm running out of cash, what should I do? Should I rob? Or just kill for money? Aw...

Lol, it's just an everyday rant.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

[Life] Lao sai Buey Pang Sai day

Sucks man. For those of you who have Haemorrhoids (Piles), you will understand me.

Considering I've posted a few days or a week ago regarding my Lao sai day, today I'm posting on my Buey Pang Sai day...

Gosh... It's not that my piles (shit) is too hard, it's because my piles (Haemorrhoids) is blocking my piles (shit) from coming out, and it's bad... Imagine I trying to PURGE!!!!!! it out, it's both PAINFUL and HURTING! Now I can REALLLY REALLLLLY REALLLLLLLLLLLL~~~~Y understand how our female counterparts deliver babies...

Oh god, I think if this goes on for one more of my duty in camp, I'm seriously looking for a doctor for a solution. I mean this can't go on, worse comes to worse I may have operation. God save me... Science save me!

And for those who don't know what's piles, READ IT UP MAN!

Understand the pain of those who had it and those who try to prevent/reduce the effect!

Taken from the website:
Haemorrhoids are very common, and will occur anyway, but, as implied above, useful aspects of prevention are:

Avoid becoming overweight, and lose weight if you are.
Eat a high fibre diet.
Exercise regularly.

Easier said than done -_-;;