Thursday, July 27, 2006

[Life] Wisdom tooth date sets to pluck! Leaving the camp too!

It's a great feeling to be able to post a new post in this blog of mine. It's an appreciation to my lifeless life that actually, I have a life and I'm glad I do.

Wisdom Tooth sets to pluck in...

Finally I've gotten a date for the plucking of my wisdom tooth. Ever since the X-ray scan last year, which surprises me that I have only 1 wisdom tooth, it has always thrilled me on how this wisdom tooth shit works. And I feel it like 3 weeks ago. Oh my *beep* god it hurts! It hurts as if your gums are rotting, it feels like you're cursed by some unknown forces that force your mouth shut. It's a bad feeling.

Well, I've finally decide to pluck it out after it starts to give me problem (Advise: Pluck your wisdom tooth out before it gives you problem, cause if not, it'll give you greater problems.)

I went to the dentist today, after booked for an appointment like 2 weeks ago. The dentist made a through check on my wisdom tooth, and advised me to pluck. Of course she also checked on my other teeth and mentioned that my teeth are clean ( O_o?? ). I mean, I know that my teeth could be one of the worse place on earth, by the words of the dentist from my primary school. Oh my god, she resembles WWF's Isaac Yankem DDS (now WWE, and of course, now Kane). But phobia otherwise, I respect the professionalism of the doctors and dentists in Singapore.

Finally, after pay $12 for reasons that I do not know, I gotten the referal letter to pain-free! A BIG relief from my stress!

Pain-free... just a call away...

Of course, after getting mentally ready, I picked up the phone and dial away... After waited for like 5 mins, I made an appointment for wisdom tooth. However, the party on the other side like kinda disbelieve. I mean, is there anything to suspect?

I believe I'm not so blind to give calls to fax machine right?

My appointment is on the 16th of Augest, 1 day after my last duty in my camp. Oh wait, that belongs to the next column! O_O

It's the final countdown...

ORD ORH! Not really, however finally I'm about to bring my hardship to an end. My NS life! Here's a short summary about my NS life... (If you'd like to skip this nonsense, scroll down!)

18th Augest, 2004. The day where I step into this reality world from my virtual, the day where I turned myself into a man, or is it? The day where I first step into the army life. NS life can never be as fun as life in BMT. The backstab (and dodging of course), the fun, the joy, the cock things pple do, the funny way of screwing by instructors and lots more... It was a great time for me. Although you can see from my BMT complain blog, as time goes by, my morale drops. Nevertheless, BMT is the best time of my NS life. Gryphone Platoon 2, section 4 bed 7. For brothers in arms, comrades for life! Semper Fi! Do or Die! Gung Ho! Gung Ho! Gung Ho!

13th December, 2004. The day where I posted into PLAB, FDS. Field Defence Squadron, sounds very garang to me. However, I'm already demoralised into a tiny ikan bilis after researching about my vocation even days before posting into it. Simply to say, my vocation is... RP...

For christ sake, this will be the last time I'm gonna emphasize on this. I hate RP, I hate RP more than other vocation. I hate RP ever since the first day I saw them (refer to the earlier date). And I swore I'll never ever want to be like them. And here I am... Karma... -_-;;

Training was tough, I hate turnouts. I hate the CSM 1SG John, who screams like barking of a dog and ask us doing senseless things. PC Cheng, who did punish us for stuffs and like that, is more respectable cause he's doing his duty. Nevertheless, I'm in Platoon 4. It was a time where I never believe that I could be so superstitious in my whole life. I believed that platoon 4, being the last platoon, is always isolated but always strong.

In fact, I was right, half though. We are the most-loved, most-garang, most crazy type platoon in that FDS batch. Lead by platoon sgt 3SG Dennis (who seems like bo chap but had blocked for us alot of arrows), 3SG Lai (the garang one who didn't seems satisfied enough to pump us 190+ times per evening, thanks to you, I gotten my first silver in IPPT! And probably will never be able to!), 3SG Jacky, who remained professional as a specialist by not giving us exact clue of when is the turn out.

Most of all, I've gotta thank to my platoon mates, those who've gave me problems, those who hated me, those who forgotten about me, those who cared about me, those who praise me, and so on. Thank you. My achievement including a 31/32 score for my ATP (AR15). I'm glad I could shoot as well as my elder sister (what my mum claimed, as the sharpshooter).

3rd March, 2006. I've posted to Air Force School as an RP. A small place, a pleasant environment. Working here was enjoyable, working with staffs that you'll never thought it could be possible. Ranking from PTE to COL, ranging from useless crap jobs to crucial jobs.

I could say, I have gain valuable experience on working environment that will help me in the outside world. Of course, I'd like to thank my shift personnel, those who are still fighting for us, and have fought for us, a big thank you!

Last duty on 15th Augest. I'll be concentrating on finding jobs now.

Oh yes, and I can apply for my japanese course too!