Thursday, July 27, 2006

[Life] Wisdom tooth date sets to pluck! Leaving the camp too!

It's a great feeling to be able to post a new post in this blog of mine. It's an appreciation to my lifeless life that actually, I have a life and I'm glad I do.

Wisdom Tooth sets to pluck in...

Finally I've gotten a date for the plucking of my wisdom tooth. Ever since the X-ray scan last year, which surprises me that I have only 1 wisdom tooth, it has always thrilled me on how this wisdom tooth shit works. And I feel it like 3 weeks ago. Oh my *beep* god it hurts! It hurts as if your gums are rotting, it feels like you're cursed by some unknown forces that force your mouth shut. It's a bad feeling.

Well, I've finally decide to pluck it out after it starts to give me problem (Advise: Pluck your wisdom tooth out before it gives you problem, cause if not, it'll give you greater problems.)

I went to the dentist today, after booked for an appointment like 2 weeks ago. The dentist made a through check on my wisdom tooth, and advised me to pluck. Of course she also checked on my other teeth and mentioned that my teeth are clean ( O_o?? ). I mean, I know that my teeth could be one of the worse place on earth, by the words of the dentist from my primary school. Oh my god, she resembles WWF's Isaac Yankem DDS (now WWE, and of course, now Kane). But phobia otherwise, I respect the professionalism of the doctors and dentists in Singapore.

Finally, after pay $12 for reasons that I do not know, I gotten the referal letter to pain-free! A BIG relief from my stress!

Pain-free... just a call away...

Of course, after getting mentally ready, I picked up the phone and dial away... After waited for like 5 mins, I made an appointment for wisdom tooth. However, the party on the other side like kinda disbelieve. I mean, is there anything to suspect?

I believe I'm not so blind to give calls to fax machine right?

My appointment is on the 16th of Augest, 1 day after my last duty in my camp. Oh wait, that belongs to the next column! O_O

It's the final countdown...

ORD ORH! Not really, however finally I'm about to bring my hardship to an end. My NS life! Here's a short summary about my NS life... (If you'd like to skip this nonsense, scroll down!)

18th Augest, 2004. The day where I step into this reality world from my virtual, the day where I turned myself into a man, or is it? The day where I first step into the army life. NS life can never be as fun as life in BMT. The backstab (and dodging of course), the fun, the joy, the cock things pple do, the funny way of screwing by instructors and lots more... It was a great time for me. Although you can see from my BMT complain blog, as time goes by, my morale drops. Nevertheless, BMT is the best time of my NS life. Gryphone Platoon 2, section 4 bed 7. For brothers in arms, comrades for life! Semper Fi! Do or Die! Gung Ho! Gung Ho! Gung Ho!

13th December, 2004. The day where I posted into PLAB, FDS. Field Defence Squadron, sounds very garang to me. However, I'm already demoralised into a tiny ikan bilis after researching about my vocation even days before posting into it. Simply to say, my vocation is... RP...

For christ sake, this will be the last time I'm gonna emphasize on this. I hate RP, I hate RP more than other vocation. I hate RP ever since the first day I saw them (refer to the earlier date). And I swore I'll never ever want to be like them. And here I am... Karma... -_-;;

Training was tough, I hate turnouts. I hate the CSM 1SG John, who screams like barking of a dog and ask us doing senseless things. PC Cheng, who did punish us for stuffs and like that, is more respectable cause he's doing his duty. Nevertheless, I'm in Platoon 4. It was a time where I never believe that I could be so superstitious in my whole life. I believed that platoon 4, being the last platoon, is always isolated but always strong.

In fact, I was right, half though. We are the most-loved, most-garang, most crazy type platoon in that FDS batch. Lead by platoon sgt 3SG Dennis (who seems like bo chap but had blocked for us alot of arrows), 3SG Lai (the garang one who didn't seems satisfied enough to pump us 190+ times per evening, thanks to you, I gotten my first silver in IPPT! And probably will never be able to!), 3SG Jacky, who remained professional as a specialist by not giving us exact clue of when is the turn out.

Most of all, I've gotta thank to my platoon mates, those who've gave me problems, those who hated me, those who forgotten about me, those who cared about me, those who praise me, and so on. Thank you. My achievement including a 31/32 score for my ATP (AR15). I'm glad I could shoot as well as my elder sister (what my mum claimed, as the sharpshooter).

3rd March, 2006. I've posted to Air Force School as an RP. A small place, a pleasant environment. Working here was enjoyable, working with staffs that you'll never thought it could be possible. Ranking from PTE to COL, ranging from useless crap jobs to crucial jobs.

I could say, I have gain valuable experience on working environment that will help me in the outside world. Of course, I'd like to thank my shift personnel, those who are still fighting for us, and have fought for us, a big thank you!

Last duty on 15th Augest. I'll be concentrating on finding jobs now.

Oh yes, and I can apply for my japanese course too!

Friday, July 14, 2006

[Soccer] Zidane facing trial, Materazzi facing disciplinary action...

Alright, here's the showdown between the 2 stars who scored during world cup finals, which tie at 1-1 after full time and extra time.

According to the latest report, Zidane firmly stands at Materazzi provoked him into that world-stunning action, while Materazzi denys it, further claims that Zidane's his hero, he won't do that.

But media has been merciless to Zidane, for the press in my country, he's not spared... However, we only look at the action but do we know what exactly Materazzi did? If that's the case, will you be surprise to see a reowned person for example, Kelvin Tan (The blind singer) headbutt someone in Orchard? (Not a good example but you get the idea?)

But is the media really that merciless? Look at the perfect example of what Materazzi did previously to other players...

We'll know the results after their trial by FIFA on 20th July. Meanwhile, enjoy this extremely funny movie I found from Youtube...

Update!!! Zidane and Matterazi both get away with a fine and suspension. As Zidane retired, he's to do a 3 day community service. WTF? If only Singapore law is also that lenient...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

[Anime] Seiyuu in action!

Lol, as of me, I learn a great deal (though not enough) of things about Seiyuu (voice actor) for the anime. For 1, they've unique voices, for 2, they look ugly (except for some), for 3, their timing is excellant. Now, I learnt that usually (for anime, it's for sure) for dubbing, you dubbed over video. That is to say, the producer plays the video, and you dub according to what the video plays. That's ALOT of work for the timing...

For amateur seiyuus, they may need to use finger/hand to count, while others (most, in fact. Nobody will find a japanese wierd by nodding right?) using nodding to count.

But look at the crew of Bleach seiyuus... Their timing... omg...

You can identify them according to the character they play. But Rukia appears at the very end of the video scene.

Oh, and I'm not into Youtube hunting :D I just happen to come across them while searching for seiyuu. They are unique, unlike the one in my country... sigh...

Lol, listen to the disappointment of the fans when the voice actor of Renji didn't come out his zabimaru... Other than that, I find it's a typical seiyuu's interview, and in my oppinion, it's a very normal "cast interview" type of show. But come on, I gotta confess, they took it well. And for that, *thumbs up*

However, do not get affected by watching it lol... I remembered when I watched the latest Bleach episode last night, my mind was totally concentrating on how they dub (of course, the face of the voice actors), I completely forgotten to pay attention to the story. In the end, I gotta rewatch again lol... Dun let this happen to you...

[Anime] Naruto Filler... is it going to end?

Before I begin this post, I'd like to clarify that these information are not from me, but rather from those hard core anime fans, who surprises me again and again according to their studies, as if there's such thing as PhD for Anime... They do really surprises me...

As far as I know, ever since the last time I heard that "Naruto's filler gonna end!!!", I know it won't... However, it seems more promising now... why?

1) "An anime fillers wouldn't last a season!" myth has busted. Currently, naruto is surviving with 2 seasons of filler, as of current (EP 192). But what about "An anime fillers wouln't last more than 2 seasons!" myth? Currently, it seems like it's finishing season 8. Will the beginning of the 9th season be a filler? Or will it go back to the manga? We'll only know when ep 204 (aired somewhere September-October) is out.

2) "Naruto movie 3 is going to get boycott!" myth. Since the movie 3 has not aired in Japan cinema, nobody can confirm on this. However, I can say it's gonna get busted. As far as I know, other than a few sum of Japan teens who did sickened by those filler, majority of the Naruto supporters do enjoy both the manga and the anime. Of course, those unhappy boys and girls including myself, who only watch anime, and didn't bother to read the manga. However, boycotting Naruto movie 3 might bring an impact to the anime maker. They'll know that they are doing more harm than good while continuing showing us nonsense from those fillers. Little did they know they are driving fans away, slowly but surely.

3) "The filler is used to chase away the fans from other country who dled Naruto!" myth. It's kinda stupid. I wonder who indeed thought of that, other than those I saw on some forums. For Christ sake, would you like to make your product bad and sell it just for the sake of chasing away those immitations from the market? You'll lose alot of customers, doing more harm than you. This myth is confirmed busted

4) "The filler is actually doing more good than harm to the anime" myth. It's confirmed. A good example of doing harm than good if the anime exceeds the manga will be Rurouni Kenshin. It screwed up at ep 92, thanks to the anime maker. Consequences of Naruto if it continues the anime without pulling a gap from manga, then we will have nothing to watch already... So glad that the anime maker spare a thought of the anime. However, I'd appreciate if the anime maker spare a thought for us too. We've endured nonsense for 1 year already. Most of us have turned teens by then (exception for some, you know who *roll eyes*)...

5) Last but not least, "The fillers gonna end! They say so!/I heard it!/Some say so!/Whatsoever your grandpa grandma say so!" myth... Pls die, we no need your vague nonsense here. NPNT idiot!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

[Life] Reason why wisdom teeth needs to be removed... Hirano Aya!

"Wisdom teeth are generally thought to be called "wisdom teeth" because they appear so late—much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are supposedly wiser than as a child, when the other teeth erupt."

Indeed, mine occurs at 22, and it hurts... Wait a min, am I still a teen?

Well, other than that, I got a darn diarrhea in the early morning. I was sleeping and dreaming then I realise that, hey, I'm sleeping in a prone position. It's ok, just sleep, till I got a terrible stomachache resembling diarrhea, then I was like "Oh damn, not again..." Went there, prrrrrraaaaaak, and settle coming back to sleep. Then again after 30 min...

I thought it might be the damn air con that "chills" me, so I went outside the warmer living room to sleep, and there goes nothing... the 3rd time... I gave up, I submitted to having going back that "hell hole" to get medication. A wait of 2 hours, a nightmare for me but I've got no choice. In fact, I haven't go while writing this blog, cause my GUMS is giving me problem! What's wrong with my body!!!!!

Something irrelavant, some interesting things I found in the net, apparently while surfing An interview with voice actor of Suzumiya Haruhi! Omg... Moe! Btw, hope that there's more such interview of those voice actors. Dun be surprise that she sounds different from what she sounds in the anime. Most of the voice actors is like that, that's why they are call "VOICE TALENT" you chum!

*Translation of the conversation is of below, courtesy of*

p>EDIT: the inverview was really interesting, so I translated it.

H = Hamada, M = Matsumoto, A = Aya.

H: So you are still in college?
A: That's right!!
M: Your voice is completely different from what we've heard earlier.
A: This is how I normally sound.
H: You are 18 now, but I've heard you were in the show business since you were 9?
A: Yes.
M: You've been in this world for a surprisingly long time.
H: You were a voice actress since 14.
M: But can you really become a voice actress at 14 even if you wanted to?
A: I always loved anime, so I told my manager I wanted to become a voice actress... What's with that disgusted face?!
H/M: We are listening, we are listening...
A: So I asked her to find an audition for me.
H: So you can use your voice.
A: But I can have a voice completely different than this.
H: You can? So what kind of voice?
A: "You can't do that, Hamada-san."(OMG... ^^)
H: That's amazing. And you are giving fans nicknames?
A: That's right!
H: That's unheard of.
A: After getting in contact with those people, we formed a strong bond, so I thought I should remember those names from time to time.
H: So they contacted you?
A: That's right.
H/M: So what kind of nicknames did you give them?
A: Something like "stripe glove".
H: What kind of guy is it?! I want to find out about that first!! Why is he a stripe glove!?
A: Then there is Rasukaru-san...(rasukaru = rascal)
H: Rasukaru-san!?
A: and Ragaa-san who wears a rugged shirt, and others...(ragaa = rugged)
M: So they are all stripe guys!
H: How about making some nicknames for us?
M: You serious?
A: OK, for Hamada-san... because he's Hamada... so, second lieutenant Hamatisu.
H: Yes! Ma'm!
H: Thank you!
A: Thank you!
H: Now it's Matsumoto-san's turn.
A: Since you are second lieutenant. So, captain Matsumotiinu!
M: I'm in a big hurry today, so can I leave early?

And of course, last but not least...

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

[Anime] The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi!

Woo hoo! I've finished it and my comment is short and sweet... "Short" and "Sweet"...

In fact, the deleted review of mine, I've already "see good" on this anime already. The cuteness, fancy type voice acting (Yes! I'm refering to you Mikuru-chan~~~ <3), the "oh my god" effect that came in when you thought "omg not another boring school anime". It's just fantastic.

And not to mention the multi-dimentional type of anime where episodes order is messed up. Well, not really... It's arranged in a way where, you can choose to watch the order which it was arranged, or chronologically when it was aired in Japan. In my opinion, watch chronologically first, and enjoy, then rewatch it as the "original" episodes order. It'll spice up your experience in watching this OMFG-KAWAII, OMFG-FUSHIGI anime!

My last words for this anime is, I dun think it'll have any part 2 despite the "cliff hanging type" of ending. This anime shows enough so much, it nearly changed my religion to haruhism! LOL! It kicks!

All the best to those who'll watch it. However, for those who seeks action, pls die elsewhere ^_-

PS: For the sake of those who did not know which episode is what, or for those lazy bum who dun wish to figure out by researching... On the left, is arrange chronologically, which is the number you'll see on the name of the file. On the right is the number which indicates the actual episode.

01 -> 11
02 -> 01
03 -> 02
04 -> 07
05 -> 03
06 -> 09
07 -> 08
08 -> 10
09 -> 14
10 -> 04
11 -> 13
12 -> 12
13 -> 05
14 -> 06