Wednesday, July 05, 2006

[Anime] The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi!

Woo hoo! I've finished it and my comment is short and sweet... "Short" and "Sweet"...

In fact, the deleted review of mine, I've already "see good" on this anime already. The cuteness, fancy type voice acting (Yes! I'm refering to you Mikuru-chan~~~ <3), the "oh my god" effect that came in when you thought "omg not another boring school anime". It's just fantastic.

And not to mention the multi-dimentional type of anime where episodes order is messed up. Well, not really... It's arranged in a way where, you can choose to watch the order which it was arranged, or chronologically when it was aired in Japan. In my opinion, watch chronologically first, and enjoy, then rewatch it as the "original" episodes order. It'll spice up your experience in watching this OMFG-KAWAII, OMFG-FUSHIGI anime!

My last words for this anime is, I dun think it'll have any part 2 despite the "cliff hanging type" of ending. This anime shows enough so much, it nearly changed my religion to haruhism! LOL! It kicks!

All the best to those who'll watch it. However, for those who seeks action, pls die elsewhere ^_-

PS: For the sake of those who did not know which episode is what, or for those lazy bum who dun wish to figure out by researching... On the left, is arrange chronologically, which is the number you'll see on the name of the file. On the right is the number which indicates the actual episode.

01 -> 11
02 -> 01
03 -> 02
04 -> 07
05 -> 03
06 -> 09
07 -> 08
08 -> 10
09 -> 14
10 -> 04
11 -> 13
12 -> 12
13 -> 05
14 -> 06