Thursday, July 13, 2006

[Anime] Naruto Filler... is it going to end?

Before I begin this post, I'd like to clarify that these information are not from me, but rather from those hard core anime fans, who surprises me again and again according to their studies, as if there's such thing as PhD for Anime... They do really surprises me...

As far as I know, ever since the last time I heard that "Naruto's filler gonna end!!!", I know it won't... However, it seems more promising now... why?

1) "An anime fillers wouldn't last a season!" myth has busted. Currently, naruto is surviving with 2 seasons of filler, as of current (EP 192). But what about "An anime fillers wouln't last more than 2 seasons!" myth? Currently, it seems like it's finishing season 8. Will the beginning of the 9th season be a filler? Or will it go back to the manga? We'll only know when ep 204 (aired somewhere September-October) is out.

2) "Naruto movie 3 is going to get boycott!" myth. Since the movie 3 has not aired in Japan cinema, nobody can confirm on this. However, I can say it's gonna get busted. As far as I know, other than a few sum of Japan teens who did sickened by those filler, majority of the Naruto supporters do enjoy both the manga and the anime. Of course, those unhappy boys and girls including myself, who only watch anime, and didn't bother to read the manga. However, boycotting Naruto movie 3 might bring an impact to the anime maker. They'll know that they are doing more harm than good while continuing showing us nonsense from those fillers. Little did they know they are driving fans away, slowly but surely.

3) "The filler is used to chase away the fans from other country who dled Naruto!" myth. It's kinda stupid. I wonder who indeed thought of that, other than those I saw on some forums. For Christ sake, would you like to make your product bad and sell it just for the sake of chasing away those immitations from the market? You'll lose alot of customers, doing more harm than you. This myth is confirmed busted

4) "The filler is actually doing more good than harm to the anime" myth. It's confirmed. A good example of doing harm than good if the anime exceeds the manga will be Rurouni Kenshin. It screwed up at ep 92, thanks to the anime maker. Consequences of Naruto if it continues the anime without pulling a gap from manga, then we will have nothing to watch already... So glad that the anime maker spare a thought of the anime. However, I'd appreciate if the anime maker spare a thought for us too. We've endured nonsense for 1 year already. Most of us have turned teens by then (exception for some, you know who *roll eyes*)...

5) Last but not least, "The fillers gonna end! They say so!/I heard it!/Some say so!/Whatsoever your grandpa grandma say so!" myth... Pls die, we no need your vague nonsense here. NPNT idiot!