Wednesday, July 12, 2006

[Life] Reason why wisdom teeth needs to be removed... Hirano Aya!

"Wisdom teeth are generally thought to be called "wisdom teeth" because they appear so late—much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are supposedly wiser than as a child, when the other teeth erupt."

Indeed, mine occurs at 22, and it hurts... Wait a min, am I still a teen?

Well, other than that, I got a darn diarrhea in the early morning. I was sleeping and dreaming then I realise that, hey, I'm sleeping in a prone position. It's ok, just sleep, till I got a terrible stomachache resembling diarrhea, then I was like "Oh damn, not again..." Went there, prrrrrraaaaaak, and settle coming back to sleep. Then again after 30 min...

I thought it might be the damn air con that "chills" me, so I went outside the warmer living room to sleep, and there goes nothing... the 3rd time... I gave up, I submitted to having going back that "hell hole" to get medication. A wait of 2 hours, a nightmare for me but I've got no choice. In fact, I haven't go while writing this blog, cause my GUMS is giving me problem! What's wrong with my body!!!!!

Something irrelavant, some interesting things I found in the net, apparently while surfing An interview with voice actor of Suzumiya Haruhi! Omg... Moe! Btw, hope that there's more such interview of those voice actors. Dun be surprise that she sounds different from what she sounds in the anime. Most of the voice actors is like that, that's why they are call "VOICE TALENT" you chum!

*Translation of the conversation is of below, courtesy of*

p>EDIT: the inverview was really interesting, so I translated it.

H = Hamada, M = Matsumoto, A = Aya.

H: So you are still in college?
A: That's right!!
M: Your voice is completely different from what we've heard earlier.
A: This is how I normally sound.
H: You are 18 now, but I've heard you were in the show business since you were 9?
A: Yes.
M: You've been in this world for a surprisingly long time.
H: You were a voice actress since 14.
M: But can you really become a voice actress at 14 even if you wanted to?
A: I always loved anime, so I told my manager I wanted to become a voice actress... What's with that disgusted face?!
H/M: We are listening, we are listening...
A: So I asked her to find an audition for me.
H: So you can use your voice.
A: But I can have a voice completely different than this.
H: You can? So what kind of voice?
A: "You can't do that, Hamada-san."(OMG... ^^)
H: That's amazing. And you are giving fans nicknames?
A: That's right!
H: That's unheard of.
A: After getting in contact with those people, we formed a strong bond, so I thought I should remember those names from time to time.
H: So they contacted you?
A: That's right.
H/M: So what kind of nicknames did you give them?
A: Something like "stripe glove".
H: What kind of guy is it?! I want to find out about that first!! Why is he a stripe glove!?
A: Then there is Rasukaru-san...(rasukaru = rascal)
H: Rasukaru-san!?
A: and Ragaa-san who wears a rugged shirt, and others...(ragaa = rugged)
M: So they are all stripe guys!
H: How about making some nicknames for us?
M: You serious?
A: OK, for Hamada-san... because he's Hamada... so, second lieutenant Hamatisu.
H: Yes! Ma'm!
H: Thank you!
A: Thank you!
H: Now it's Matsumoto-san's turn.
A: Since you are second lieutenant. So, captain Matsumotiinu!
M: I'm in a big hurry today, so can I leave early?

And of course, last but not least...

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