Thursday, August 10, 2006

[Life] NDP dinner 2006 @ Tanglin Halt

Woo... my first time participating in this so-called National Day dinner around my neighbourhood 2 days ago (8th Augest, 2006). You know, those that involved in VIPs and Members of the Parliament...

Of course, I'll not be commenting on anything related to the government over here as it's sensitive. But just to add though, my area's MP look promising...

Immediately after Mr. Baey's arrival, we had our 1st dish (see the pictures below, less the 1st one... It's peanut...)

Food sucks, nothing more...

I do not really want to comment about the food. Don't force me... words like "TASTELESS", "HORRENDOUS"... Ops, I leaked some. Anyway, it's just horrible.

And the performance is nowhere near interesting too. Noisy, irritating lights who love to aim right at my eyes, and of course sitting around with people we do not know, are some of the views from your "dear sincerely" pessimist.

The "self-proclaimed" Thai Prince. Or Thai Peacock?

The auctions are nowhere near interesting too. 6 Golden dogs for the rich to bid. In my oppinion, the most interesting part of this show is to look at those regretful facial expression from those winners while they walked up towards the stage. Lol! So much for pushing the price up...

Oh yes, not to mention the K2 futures of Singapore reciting 3-words sutra (三字經). Before I research on it, the only thing on my mind when I see this is "CCB! CCB! CCB!..." But no, not the foul language version but the PROPER version. Mind you, they finished it. Yes, they did. And for you guys who do not know how long the poet is, check this out.

Performance goes like "人之初" *bounce* "性本善" *bounce*... you got the idea?

However it was so messy, we couldn't figure out if they are chanting correctly or not. Just then, my dad provided me with his version of it.