Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[Life] Left the camp! A battle to fight!

Finally I've left the camp. The place where I worked for 1 year plus. Underpaid though, pretty happy however... Life goes on. I wish all the best to my fellow ex-collegues.

The battle...
Now here comes the real battle. The plucking of wisdom tooth. I'm totally prepared, listened to experience by others, "image-practice" the pain, whatever I can do I've done. Now I'm gonna embark onto the road to war and WILL update this as often as possible.

Feeling pretty good after a bath. Looking at the time passes by, I'm getting ready to go for this. 1 weeks of MC followed by another week of 'no solid' food, it seems pretty inevitable now. But I've gotta go, or else it'll become worse. The path to be mentally ready isn't easy and I'm glad I'm ready up to this point. The appointment is on 1430hr @ NDC. I wonder will I be late? As promised, I'd like to take photos of the process however, I could not get the permission from the dentist. So I'll just "homemake" one. This is my cheek at D-Day -3hrs.

I wonder how it look like after the operation?

Just had lunch with Terrix. Of course, I ordered my "Last Lunch" before enduring temptation for the next 2 weeks. Oh...

Title: The Last Lunch(Char Kway Teow w/ Mango Longan)

Come to think of it makes me sad... T_T

Setting off to war. Hopefully I'll survive to see another day...

Here's my appointment. I entered the clinic with a heavy heart. Looking up at the sign...

Aiya don't think too much lah...

Yea, I shouldn't think too much. Just go...

Dentist update me that I need not to pluck it out now. Phew! Here's the explaination why...

Mine belongs to the vertical impaction type

1) Vertical erruption. It's not threatening now. The pain which gave me problem close to a month ago, is not giving me problem now. I could brush it with ease.

2) As the tooth is currently still in the gum, the root is closer to the sinus than if it's errupted completely. Removing it now may pose a problem to the sinus.

3) It's easier to pluck it out if it's errupted completely.

The above 3 points is what me and the dentist came in agreement to...

4) I'm afraid of the pain >_< (I didn't told him this...)

5) The dentist is YAWNING all the way throughout the consultation! If I plan to remove it now, half-way he yawn, I mati ("death" for malay).

There you go... all the "WAR PREPARATION" things for nothing lol. And so much for my last lunch. I'll need to pray for it to grow for the next 6 months as my next appointment brings me to next year.

It's in the afternoon again... STOP YAWNING DENTIST!

All the best to me then ^_-