Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[Life] Be a man! Do the right thing!

Gratz to Thomas AKA Kefka whom is taking on the road to be a man this coming friday! BMTC's waiting for you dude!

On the other hand, I gotten slight problems in my camp and thus I'm going to be confined till 5 pm on 1st June. Aw... It's about...

*** ... Yes, for those of you who do not know, I'm refraining myself from talking about work (work refers to anything that's outside my personal life. That includes NS, probably outside work, selling drugs lol joking...) cause stress always build up. If I'm gonna talk about work, it'll end up a rant, like my BMT complain blog.

Right, one last thing to talk about today, money. I'm running out of cash, what should I do? Should I rob? Or just kill for money? Aw...

Lol, it's just an everyday rant.