Tuesday, May 16, 2006

[Life] A blunder loan from the library

Just a few weeks ago, I manage to borrow a book by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code.

It's great! I mean, I resume reading a fiction again since last touched one at secondary 2. And man, I love mystery.

And what's more mysterious, than received a notification letter from the library. The book I reserved, "Angels and Demons" are made available to me! I went to collect it today.

Like the previous loan, I approached the librarian at the counter, implying that I have a reservation to collect. As she searched the cupboard for the book and revealed it, a "mysterious" feeling filled my mind up.

I really feel like screaming, "It's a... It's a... It’s a...!"


HUGE BOOK! Oh my god! When in the blue heaven universe (aka "bhu", same sound as Ribenna) did I reserved such a huge book?! At that moment, I broke a drop of sweat down my forehead.

Comparison... a deadly mistake...

Just then, I recalled I saw the measurement on the net when I'm reserving the book like 1 weeks ago. It indicated “30cm x...” I went "oh shit!", took the book and quietly left the library.

Gentlemen, please remember to read the measuring of the book to avoid this shit. I am still wondering how am I going to carry this, almost 2 kg book to my camp?

But there are good stuffs inside this gargantuan. Painting, maps, illustrations and photos that you'll not be able to find in that small books. It is as if it's like a pictorial. However, I hope I'll not grow shorter due to the weight -_-||