Tuesday, May 16, 2006

[Life] Fei Chui La Mian Xiao Siew Mai Long Bao

After preparing some of my personal stuff during evening, me and my dad set off to Holland Village (2 bus station?) for La Mian Xiao Long Bao (拉面小龙包).

The restaurant adapt the "Huan Ying Guan Lin" (欢迎光临) type of greetings and escort us to our seats, without giving us the menu until we request for one.

While my dad looking through the menu carefully, I browse through the menu and gotten some items in mind. And we go for the order...

1) Fried Sauce Noodle (炸酱面)
2) Stir Fried Eel (??鳝鱼)
3) Mini Bao, their "famous" menu (小龙包)
4) Stir Fried Thick Noodle (??粗面)

Then it arrived and we ate of course. Then, my dad didn't talk a single word. I was like, "That's it...". My dad is a perfect judge for good food. If he say not nice, there's obvious reason behind it. His comment is as following

1) Ok
2) Good
3) Sucks, is it siew mai?
4) Sucks big times

You know, it's kinda true. If it goes by my explaination, it'll be quite close to my dad already.

1) Good quality noodle, but the sauce is like canned pork leg + sweet bean sauce, the one they use for mee rebus
2) What can I say? Unagi rocks!
3) I thought everyone claims that this bao has soup? Why is it so dry? No difference comparing to siew mai.
4) Does it have taste in the first place?

Unsatisfied, I called for my last bowl of noodle before I end the meal. I called for... Si Chuan Chut Chut Noodle (四川躅躅面). From the picture, I can see it's spicy, it's gonna be hot! It's gonna make me HIGH! Then after I tried it... I went -_-|| It's tom yam. WTF IS THIS?

Well at least I end my meal in peace. I guess unless I'm going with a pro who have praised the goodness of THAT meal, I won't go myself there again, anymore. I'd rather go fast food restaurant and settle my meal.