Friday, May 12, 2006

[News] Ringtone/Midi Blog up!

The blog for my achieve of Ringtone and/or midi is up!

A brief description about myself on midi. I begin my midi path as early as I bought my first computer. It was then 1998. The old self who loves to fonder about files, editing them, wondering how to edit midi files, not until I found my 1st program.

But, it was tough for me, a no-grader for music to handle musical stuff. With lots of guidance from friends like Thomas aka Kefka, Terrix, I never able to even create anything auditable.

Now I am, editing and making midi files like (hopefully) a 2nd grade musician, as a hobby and I hope to share those midis which again, I hope it can make it in your phone. Enjoy :D