Thursday, May 18, 2006

[Life] The purchases... very broke now!

Yay! Today's my cleanup day for my dear PC. It's my dearest ever since purchased like probably nearly 2 years ago, it had never been clean, interior, exterior. And today, I've decided to give it a "bath".

So I manage to take out everything, carefully brush those black gold dust away before assembling them back. It took me about 2 hours and alot of sweat.

I give it a boot up after assembled and... strangely, it auto shut down. Oh shit! I gave a serious thought of the possibilities.

1) My CPU over-heated, due to improper placement of my CPU fan
2) My motherboard spoiled after my brushing
3) My ram spoiled after my fondering
4) My hard disc spoiled after my harressment...

Argh! Uncertained, I called my real-life buddy aka The Com Pro! Sugo-Kawaii Lumiere-Chan <3 for help. After some trial and error, we discovered that the problem lies in my CPU fan. I took it out and gave a through look...

God bless me for my enormous strength.


That leaves me no choice but to travel all the way to Sim Lim Square to buy one new one. I decided not to touch on the stock and proceed to buy another one instead. Several brands were contributed by my camp mates and my buddy, but I proceed to buy this...

F***ing Ex!

Yea, I know it look strange, but I've been told that it's good for dispersing heat off the CPU, which most if not ALL the heat sink does. But blowing the air backwards sounds fresh to me. Thus I decide on it...

This cost as much as 30 packet of chicken rice!

Looking at the fact it blew backwards, and it blew air across, not out of the heat sink sounds fresh to me too.

This better works!

After fixing it up, I went to bios and check the temperature in comparison to my usual "stock" fans. Abracadabra! It's 5 degree celcius lower than usual! I mean, paid so much for 5 degree celcius reduction?! an improvement over the previous fan, makes me so silly and stupid that I teared with frustration joy! Holy shit!

Oh yes, not to mention a replacement for my old mouse and mouse pad, the Logitech G1, and the Barracuda steel pad...

New toys on the block!

Guess I have to eat grass until my next pay T_T