Friday, June 02, 2006

[Life] From boy to man...

"After packing up my gears, I greet my mum good bye. Then, I embarked upon the great crusade which I've striven for many years." is what might be in his mind at that time but Kef (aka Thomas) embarked on his journey to be a man today!

Kef, the one who seeks for truth to be a man...

The "last supper" was pretty plentiful for the 4 of us, including Kef's friend (gf? Maybe? I dunno) and it consisted of dumplings specially hand-made by Kef's mum. It was delicious oh my goddess...

Don't be deceived by the picture, it’s really delicious...

After the scrumptious meal, we left the cozy house of his and left for Pasir Ris.

Did a wild bear crap in the wood, son?

Of course, with the advice by me (CPL FDS), and Tan Kiet (LCP Guards ADF), he must have made known various ways and hardships to be a man...

However, ESP doesn't work here...

Surprisingly, we caught up with Yong Ming, one of our buddies for basketball. He’s there to send Kef off too. Apparently, he came directly from school so he's holding a laptop. Nobody told him (neither do I) that it's considered a contraband items, and of course, after been caught by that No.3 Uniformed Master SGT, he've got not choice but to submit it to the guardroom.

Fu Lu Shou... Or is it the other way round?

Unfortunately, out of respect to the specialist and the officers, I am unable to take any pictures while my stay inside the tekong, however, a nostalgic feeling overwhelmed me, making me recalling of my past in Gryphon. Even I manage to spot one of the 2LT, whom is my ex company mate. Oh my goddess… time flies fast...

We proceeded to the spectator stand at the parade square while Kef proceeds the other way to "do whatever he needs to do". It was a hot afternoon and we are all drained from the ferry ride. I've no idea whether is it part of the plan or not, but it seems we witnesses a rehersal of the POP parade of various companies. Their marching is... I can say, pretty ok. But considering the facts that 5 recruits + a parent fainted on my POP (which is about 1 year + ago) and seriously injured, I don't dare to comment on their marching.

After spending about 15 mins of time there, we board the coach and arrived at the company line of Apache (A Company), after which we are given a briefing of the various location of interests including arm skote (The place I hate the most), company office etc. After which, the 2LT guided us to the annex of the company. And HOLY SHIT. It's 10, or even 20 times better than what I have at Gryphon. Let me give a pretty detailed comparison.

Pool Table: Alpha x 2, Gryphon x 0
Table Tennis Table + at least pair of bat: Alpha x 1, Gryphon x 0
TV (workable): Alpha x 1, Gryphon x 0
Items Alpha have that Gryphon don't have:
Good conditioned sofa, DVD players, workable Hi-Fi, Clean annex, decorations, trophies... I can go on for an hour talking about it...

Next we explored one of the bunk. Pretty normal to me, nothing special. Next, we explored the lecture hall. Again, nothing special (begin to get boring). After which we are guided to the training shed to look at the various equipment for 3 mins (I can't even finish walking from the sitting area to the display area cause it's simply congested. How stupid man. They guide us to the canteen and we waited for like 30 mins for the blardy trip to auditorium.

After which, they played a boring video then the talk by LTC David Lim. Then the oath and the national anthem. Then we proceed to have our dinner with Kef.

The food is by NTUC, that's why it's great. Chicken rice, simply the best and I mean it, the best "free" food I ever ate in my army life. Damn... Then we send off Kef again... I'm expecting him to cry but he didn't. Later, he passed us a gift each for thanking us to send him off. Oh my god, I gotten a handphone holder (dog). How nice...

Before we go, my ex company mate (officer) helped us took a complete photo of us.

From left: Kef's mum, Yong Ming, Kef, Tan Kiet, Me Myself, Erm... forgotten her name, and Munchy (Mun Shi)

I miss the ferry terminal... I miss the ferry...

I miss the beautiful sunset... reminds me of the time when we had our evening round-the-island jog with LT Long Ting...

But certainly, I don’t wanna go back to BMTC for BMT again... ORD ORH!

Last but not least, let me dedicate this song to Kef, all the best for your next 2 years!

Training to be soldiers,
Fight for our land.
Once in our life,
Two years of our time.
Have you ever wonder,
Why we must serve?
Because we love our land,
And we want it to be free, to be free...

Looking all around us,
People everywhere.
Children having fun,
While we are holding guns.
Have you ever wonder,
Why we must serve?
Because we love our land,
And we want it to be free, to be free...