Sunday, April 30, 2006

360 min S.O.B and here we are

Woo... didn't know CSS code will render me helpless for nearly 3 hours before I can even start working on this blog... For those who know me, let me reintroduce myself again.

I'm Paul, aka Kami, KamiKaze, Sh|nji, or whatever you call me last time. 22 this year and currently serving the Nation as of this time... ORD ORH! (coming October)

The idea of starting this blog is actually from the motivation of starting an anime blog, and at the same time, starting a personal blog. Thus I decided to mix both, and with some little touch to the template, tadda... Stupid me for being so clumsy with CSS ^_^;;

So let's make it short and sweet for the 1st post :D Mores to come ahead ^_^

PS: Oh... and you might wanna take a look at my BMT's blog from the link on the right. It's just some stupid rant from my experience of BMT and well, come to think of it now (since it passed like 1 years or so), it's kinda enjoyable experience to me...